Mel’s K-Challenge | Announcement and the List




Hello everyone,
I decided to start a new challenge on my blog, but unlike the normal daily challenge I use to do, this one will be a weekly one since I want to keep the Korean entertainment related post on Friday, with the exception of the Korean song I feature on the Monday.

Now that you know what is coming, it is time to jump in the list.

Week 1 Favorite Boy Group
Week 2 Favorite Girl Group
Week 3 Favorite Soloist Male
Week 4 Favorite Soloist Female
Week 5 Favorite Group from SM
Week 6 Favorite Group from JYP
Week 7 Favorite Group from Cube
Week 8 Favorite Less Popular Group
Week 9 Favorite Group that Have Disbanded
Week 10 Favorite Rapper
Week 11 Favorite Song
Week 12 Favorite Fandom Name
Week 13 Favorite Dance Routine
Week 14 Favorite Musical Actor/Actress
Week 15 Song that make you smile
Week 16 Song that make you cry
Week 17 Late Artist that you miss
Week 18 Favorite Rock Band
Week 19 Favorite Rock Soloist
Week 20 Favorite Ballad
Week 21 Favorite Rap song
Week 22 Favorite Rock song
Week 23 Favorite Variety show
Week 24 Favorite Musical Variety Show
Week 25 Favorite MC
Week 26 Favorite Music Video
Week 27 Favorite Korean Movie
Week 28 Favorite K-Drama
Week 29 K-Drama you want to watch or rewatch
Week 30 Movie you watch to watch or rewatch

So here the list I will do trough for this challenge, I should start it next week, so keep an eye on next Friday to see how this goes.
Of course you can do the challenge with me!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~