[Manga]Are You Alice? Vol.2

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It’s been a while I haven’t written any manga post the last one was back in April of last year and I figure it was time to write a new one. So today I gonna give you a post on the second volume of this fantasy Josei that present you a new take on the story written by Lewis Carroll. You can read the post regarding the first volume here.

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[Manga] The Emperor and I

General Information
Original Title Emperor to Issho
Mangaka Mato
Status Complete
Genre Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
Chapters 43
Volumes 4
Original Run Oct 2015 to Jul 2017


What would happen if you found an Emperor penguin in your freezer ? Ask Kaho, one day after coming back from school, she found one in her freezer. Follow her adventure with this strange new family member.

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime| Inspector Akane Tsunemori vol.3

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Today I will present you another Psycho-Pass post; now that I read the volume 3 of the manga series Inspector Akane Tsunemori and I can tell you what this volume cover and if there is any change. Fair warning, this post might be the shortest one that I wrote so far and you will see why soon.

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori vol.2

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Now that I read the second volume of the manga adaptation of Psycho-Pass, Inspector Akane Tsunemori and watch the episode that is covering, it is time for me to right the post before I forget about it, I’m looking at the notes that I took and I doubt I would be able to decipher them if I wait. But that doesn’t mean that post goes out soon as I finished it, like 98% of my posts, this one is schedule, in other word this rambling doesn’t makes any sense.

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