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A few days a go a news made happy a lot of shoujo fan, while I’m not a shoujo fan this news made me really happy; Fruits Basket the beloved manga created by Takaya Natsuki will have a reboot. It is said the new anime series will follow the event of the manga and will be produced by TMS Entertainment.

I haven’t watch the Studio Deen version and I’m not planning to, the studio made an important change which is one of the biggest twist of the series, so knowing the new series will follow the manga event, makes me extremely happy, plus those who watch the first series but haven’t read the manga will be introduced to new characters.

Before starting the list, I have to warn you, this post will contain spoilers since it have all the cursed Sohma, which mean it included the one who are not seen in the first anime series. You read at your own risk.

14th – Akito Sohma
akito sohma, fruits basket
Akito is the head of the Sohma family and seen as the Jade Emperor. I wouldn’t say that I hate them, hate is a strong word, but I have a deep dislike for them. As the head of the Sohma family, Akito have control on everything and being like a “God” mean they have control over the other cursed Sohma. My dislike for Akito remain for most of the part of the series, but I warmed up to them once I realize their attitude was due to their surrounding and how they were treated like a deity all their life.
13th – Hiro Sohma
hori sohma, fruits basket
Hiro is the Sheep/Ram of the Chinese Zodiac he look like a cute little lamb, middle-school student with a lot of attitude and probably one of the luckiest cursed Sohma, since he is one of the few whose mother didn’t got scared or disgusted by since she love lamb. If only he had his mother attitude, maybe he would have been higher in the list.
12th – Kagura Sohma
kagura sohma, fruits basket
Meet the Boar and like the boar Kagura tent to dash and destroy thing around her.I have to admit I always have been pretty annoyed by Kagura, her clingy way of acting is just over the top and when I learnt the reason why she “love” Kyo is just make me more annoyed. The only reason why she is higher than Hiro it’s because she is aware of those reason and admit it herself.
11th – Kureno Sohma
kureno sohma, fruits basket
Kureno is the Rooster, the rooster doesn’t appear in the anime and it would have been funny if he was appearing since he role in the manga. In fact I should more say that he was the rooster since his cursed lift before the beginning of the series. Since he wasn’t cursed anymore he could have left and live his life, but Akito made sure to keep him close to them. I like Kureno, he is a gentle soul who deserved so much more.
10th – Ritsu
ritsu sohma, fruits basket
Ritsu is the Monkey of the Chinese zodiac and I’m glad to have a character like him in the series, while he is not overly confident, he is at his best when he wear woman/girl clothes and he doesn’t really care about what other think about his liking for girl clothes since he feel more confident in them.
9th – Ayame Sohma
ayame sohma, fruit basket
I present you the Snake of the zodiac, he is fabulous you will see. I love his over-confident personality, really like it but his little brother Yuki doesn’t. However, this doesn’t stop Ayame to dearly love his little brother.
8th – Kisa Sohma
Kisa Sohma, fruits basket
Kisa is the Tiger of the cursed Sohma, but unlike the wild big cat she is far from being fierce, Kisa is one of the most precious thing on Earth adorable and cute. Due to problem at school, she close up and stop talking she even got to the point here she ran away from home. Kisa most be protect at all cost
7th – Momiji Sohma
momji sohma, fruits basket
Momiji is half-Japanese, half-German and he is a bunny. Despite the hard start in life, his mother complete reject him to the point where to save her mental health her memory has been erased, he have a really cheerful personality. He is the type of person who like to make the other happy. He have a little sister who he really love, however due to the fact his mother doesn’t “known” him, he can’t see her as much as he want.
6th – Isuzu “Rin” Sohma
isuzu " rin " Sohma, fruits basket
Rin is cursed by the Horse and she is one, if not the, most beautiful female character of the series, she doesn’t appear in the first series and I can’t wait to see her being animated. While she is a cold beauty, her friendship with the main female character Tohru Honda is probably one of my favorite of the series. Rin really care about Tohru and would do everything to protect her new friend.
5th – Hatori Sohma
hatori sohma, fruits basket
Hatori is the dragon, at least that was he is supposed to represent, maybe in the past the Sohma cursed by the dragon was really turning into a dragon, however it’s not the case anymore, since Hatori become an adorable seahorse instead which is really embarrassed by. With Kyo, Hatori is probably the character I feel the most bad with for, since not only he is cursed by the dragon, but he also have the possibility to erase people memories. He is the one who erased Momiji’s mother memory and he also had to erase his own girlfriend memories for her own sake. He smile rarely but when he does he have on of the most gentle and warm smile a character can have.
4th – Yuki Sohma
yuki sohma, fruits basket
Yuki is the Rat and the second male lead character of the series. He is got at everything and called “Prince Yuki” by his fangirl cause yes he have his own fan club. Since he is the “Rat” of the zodiac, Yuki always had some kind of privilege, he always been Akito’s favorite, even if Yuki himself would have rather run away than stay in this family, cause even if he was Akito’s favorite, Yuki was still abused by them.
3rd – Hatsuharu Sohma
hatsuharu "haru" sohma, fruits basket
Yuki was for a long time my 3rd favorite character, but while preparing the list, I realized I much rather Haru over Yuki. Hatsuharu Sohma is the Ox (thank you Juuni Taisen for helping me to remembering the name) and he have a double personality. Normally you deal with “White Haru” who is gentle and laid back, but once in a while you have to face Black Haru who is arrogant, mean and like to fight.
2nd – Shigure Sohma
shigure sohma, fruits basket
Shigure is the dog of the zodiac, but unlike them he is not very loyal. In fact Shigure kind of reminds me of Roy Mustang, in a way that both can be all nice in the surface but it’s only cause they have their own agenda and they are ready to do anything to achieve what they are planned.
1st Kyo Sohma
kyo sohma, fruits basket
Kyo is the Cat, no ones like him, he is not even officially part of the Zodiac but his curse is the worst. He have to constantly wear a bracelet made of beads, if he removed it, he turn into a monster with an awful sent, a scent describe as decaying corpse and after the end of his high school he would have to live hidden from the rest of the society never being allowed to go outside like a house cat that was declawed. I would not say that I felt petty for Kyo, I just wanted him to be happy. His mom committed suicide, his father just blocked him from his life and most people around him looked down on him, the kid deserve to find happiness. And I just enjoyed seeing him getting more mature through the series.

This is my top 14 of the Cursed Sohma, let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.

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Special Halloween | Top 10 Vampire and Demon of Seraph of the End

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I don’t normally do special post for day like that (minus Megane Day) but I figure this year I could give you a short list of my favorite Vampire and Demon from the series Seraph of the End. Just a little note for those you watched only the anime, didn’t read the light novels or are not up to date with the manga (scanlations), this post might/will contain spoilers.


10th – Krul Tepes
krul tepes, 3rd progenitor, vampire queen of japan
There was a time where Krul was higher on this list and it was the time where I had no clue what was her goal and this mystery made her more interesting, while I still don’t know clearly the reason why she is acting this way (other than the fact she want to find her brother), I’m less curious about her and what she drive her. I feel like we will know more about what she really want later on but for now the one who was once the Vampire Queen of Japan will sit at the 10th position
9th – Urd Geales
Urd Geales, 2nd Progenitor, sexy russian vampire
I would really like to give you a great reason for him to be on this list other than “he is handsome” but for now I don’t have one. We don’t know much about him so far, we know that he is one of the 2nd Progenitor (you will meet the other one later on the list), that he is part of the Russian faction and that he like ballet (or opera can’t remember) OH yes he is strong but it’s not a surprise he is a Noble vampire plus the 2nd Progenitor. To be honest, I feel like that for the moment Urd is more there to get the plot (one of the them) going.
8th – Byakkomaru
byakkomaru, white tiger, demon, fluffy riffle
See I don’t only like cute guy… I like tiger too.
I would have been crazy to not add Byakkomaru to this list, one it’s a tiger which is cool enough, plus he is really loyal to the human with who it form a contract with. Byakkomaru doesn’t care about what it’s happening, as long as Shinya is not hurt everything is okay, but soon as you threaten Shinya, the beautiful white tiger will show his fang and claw.
7th – Mahiru / Mahiru-no-Yo
mahiru hiiragi, mahiru-no-yo, demon
I once said that I hate Mahiru, now my relation with Mahiru character is similar of the one I have with Guren. There is moment where I feel really bad for what happened to her, she just wanted to be a normal girl and protect a little sister, but other time I wished Guren would have just destroyed her. Mahiru is probably one of the most interesting character of the series and she surely ned to have her place on this list. She was born with a demon inside her, then she was turn into a vampire for finally becoming a complete demon. Despite the fact that as a demon she still lust for blood, she still really care about her little sister Shinoa.
6th – Ky Luc
ky luc, 5th progenitor, cutie vampy
Ky is an other cutie vampy, he is a 5th Progenitor which makes him a noble vampire, he came in Japan with Urd and while he doesn’t do much other than fighting the main cast, Ky remain more interesting than Urd just cause of his personality. Like all vampire he exist for blood, but he doesn’t like to be bored and being vampire mean that he would be bored for the eternity unless he find some kind of distraction.
5th Asuramaru
asuramaru, ashira tepes, demon
Asuramaru was once a human then a vampire to eventually become a demon cause of the 1st Progenitor. During the time he was a vampire, he was known under the name of Ashira Tepes, he was Krul’s older brother. The reason why the 1st Progenitor wanted to make him a demon is still unknown and I feel like it will take some times before we get to know the information since it seemed to be a key to the story.
What make Asuramaru interesting is his relation with Yuu, the latter make the demon appear more “human” as the story progress. He still have his lust for blood, but now he goes more according with Yuu feeling instead of trying to possessing him at every occasion.
4th – Saito / Rigr Stafford
saito, rigr stafford, 2nd progenitor
I would really like to tell you who is Saito, like really, however other than telling you that he was once the 2nd Progenitor, I can’t tell you much. I can’t even tell you what he is. He is not a vampire anymore, but he doesn’t seem to be a demon either. There is a lot of question mark surrounding him, like the reason why he worked with the Brotherhood of the Thousand Night sect (also known as the Hyakuya sect), I feel like it have something to do with the experimentation of the Seraph of the End and the 1st Progenitor tho. No matter what Saito is, I can tell you that you can’t totally trust him, even if he doesn’t seems like he is part of the villain group.
3rd – Mikaela Hyakuya
mikaela hyakuya. vampire
Mika didn’t want to become a vampire, he didn’t want at all, but thanks to Ferid, Krul had to turn him into one. It took some times before he was a complete vampire, since he didn’t want to drink human blood, until that Yuu kind of force him to do it. It was either drink Yuu blood or becoming a demon…
Now Mika is a complete vampire, why vampire desire, but his thirst for blood is not as bad as some other vampire, in fact Mika is for more interested in running away with Yuu than anything else.
I have to say that there is moment where Mika’s annoyed me and I can,t really explain why, it have probably something to do with his obsession over Yuu.
2nd – Ferid Bathory
farid bathory, 7th progenitor, fabulous vampire
You can hate him as much as you want, but yo can’t deny the fact that Ferid while not introduced like it, is an important part of the story, without him the story can’t progress at all. He is like Guren, he give hint here and there about what to do next. Ferid is fabulous and extravagant, he has other priority than blood, now if I could tell you want are those priority it would be great, the only thing I can say is it surely have something to do with the 1st Progenitor and maybe a little bit with Saito.
The relation between to two is a bit weird since Saito is the one who turned Ferid into a vampire before casting him away. There is moment where I feel like Ferid just want to prove Saito wrong and makes him regret his decision.
1st – Crowley Eusford
crowley eusford, 13th progenitor more like 7th
Some of you shouldn’t be surprised to see Crowley at in the 1st spot, he is on my header after all.
Of course the first reason why Crowley is my favorite blood sucker it’s because of his overall look, tall and really good-looking, the guy is sexy as hell. But as the chapter where going, I learn to know him more and now I see him more like a guardian for Yuu and his friends. Yes he do stick along Ferid’s plan (even if like all of us he have no fucking clue what Ferid is really planning), but I do believe that he you act on his own if something bad was the happen, not just cause Ferid told him to do it.



This was my Top 10 Vampire and Demon from the series Seraph of the End as Halloween Special post, hope you enjoyed it. !!

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Mel’s Hot Top | Top 20 Male Characters – 2018

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While I was making the directory page for the different top I made so far on my blog, I gave a look to my top 10 of favorite anime male character and I realize it needed to be update, so this is what you gonna have today, but instead of giving you only 10 hotties, I will give you 20…you don’t have to thanks me.

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Top 10 Anime & Manga Male Character with White, Grey or Silver Hair

I know I missed a couple of week, keeping up it the series I’m watching this season and writing a few line about it in a post, take more time than I thoughts.
So this week is the anime male character who have white, grey or silver hair and I have to say while have quite a few on my list (pretty sure I missed some or I will regret not adding other like Tsumumaru from Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu), ranking my 10 pick was fairly easy.

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