Megane Day 2018, Announcement

Megane Day…yup that is something real

In Japan, the 1st of October is Megane Day (of course it’s not an official holiday) and last year I decide to celebrate it and I will do it once again this year.

To if you want to join the celebration, it’s easy

1st, change your Twitter icon for a megane (can be boy or girl I don’t care as long as he or she wear glasses)
2nd, write a post about megane, you can write about a megane character, list your favorite megane anything as long as it’s about a beautiful creature wearing glasses.
3rd, Spread the Word!

See not asking too much…

If you decide to participate and write a post for October 1st, link back to this post, this way I will be able to track it down and then make a beautiful round up post!!

I really hope a lot of you participate to celebrate this day in honor of those magnificent creature

~ Thank you for Reading ~

The Tale of a Broken Friendship Between a Monkey and a Crow

Back in March, I wrote a post for the “Squad” OWLS tour, the prompt was about friendship and as support for the topic, I decide to go with the anime and manga series, Seraph of the End (Owari no Serafu). I decided focus the post on Guren to show what one can do for their friend(s), even if they shouldn’t be friend with them in first place.

I have to say, I really enjoyed writing this post, not only cause I love the series, but also because of what Guren was ready to do for his friend, in fact, more I was writing the post, more I was liking him and seeing him under a new light (I still have trouble to fully trust him tho)

I was almost done with the post when I thought of and other series I could have used for the March tour. The series I was thinking about, portrayed a really different kind of friendship than seen in Seraph of the End.

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Taking the Train for Amestris| Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Movie, a Decent Ride

The new came out about a year ago, we were all, us anime fan ,scared by it, traumatized buy previous disaster, Fullmetal Alchemist, a beloved and highly acclaimed manga and anime series, would be adapted into a live-action movie. I have to say, I was one of those who was nervous about the final product, FMA was for a very long time my top favorite franchise, I was scared to see it being butchered, how could they take more than 30 hours worth of story into a film without messing up the story? How could they adapt 116 chapters into a movie? The producers were tackling a big task that could easily go wrong.

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