Get to Know Me Kpop – 100%

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all doing well today!

In today’s Get to Know Me post I will talk about my favorite thing when it comes to the kpop boy group 100%. I know I know I could go with a Christmas special instead, but at this point I can’t with Christmas music anymore even if they are sang by Korean artist.

I already wrote a post about the group back in March 2018, you can read the post here.

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[K-Friday] 백퍼센트 always giving their 100%

Hi everyone!,
Welcome to a new edition of K-Friday.

My initial idea was to look for in my old draft that I kept from the time I was running my, now deleted, KPop blog. I still have them written in Google doc, collecting the dust in the hope I will eventually give them a new life. However, in the beginning of the week, I woke-up in a bad news from the KPop industry concerning a boy group that I loved and still love and I think everyone should at least check them out once.

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