Wet Dream Wednesday | Big Brother Complex

I love having headache cause I try to rank my favorite character, some list are easier to do than other and today’s list is on that was pretty easy to do.

Today in Wet Dream Wednesday, I will share with you my favorite big brother of the anime and manga world. To be in this list the character doesn’t need to be a good big brother (even if the character mark some point by being a good bother) as long as they are a big brother.

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 6 Day 11

Howdy Everyone!
Welcome back to this new edition of “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men from the Anime World”

I‘m Mel your host and this is Arthis my lost brother, say hi!!

Arooo~! I’m so happy to find you, my dear sibling, after so many years! :’)

We are now at the day 11 of the challenge and today we gonna share about our favorite Blondie

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 3 Day 5

Welcome back to the challenge that let you discover the handsome men living in the Anime World. Arthis and I will be your host for this challenge!

Hello everyone! 3 weeks in here and I even feel that I am more handsome now! It’s the vibe that Mel’s place give!

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[Anime Crush] Momoshiro Takeshi

©Trans Arts

The reason why I stop my choice of Momoshiro Takeshi for this Anime Crush edition is mainly cause of the OWLS posted I wrote earlier this month. The topic of this tour is Competition and I picked Prince of Tennis as series. You can find my OWLS post here and the complete OWLS schedule here (I have to plug my group right).

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Top 10 Black-Haired Anime Male Characters

Remember last week when I said it was hard choosing only 10 blonde haired anime male characters? You know what, it was even harder choosing 10 black-haired anime male characters, the struggle was real I had 40 characters name written down, at some point I just thought to do pick 20 and make a two parts list, but I manage to narrow it down to 10, this is quite an achievement to me.

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Top 10 Blond Male Anime Characters

It can be a nice golden wheat color or a bright sunny yellow, blond hair character tend to stand out more from the other. When I did the anime challenge back in December, I had a lot of trouble choosing only two characters. I thought it would be easier now that I pick ten, but NOPE it is not easier.

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25D AMCC – Day Twenty-Five: Ultimate Anime Crush (Last Day)

Finally the last day of the challenge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. the last day is of course probably the most important day, at least to me. I kept the last day for the best, cause the only one who can be feature in the last day it’s him and him alone. This twenty-five day is reserved for my Ultimate Anime Crush.

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