[Manga]Are You Alice? Vol.2

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It’s been a while I haven’t written any manga post the last one was back in April of last year and I figure it was time to write a new one. So today I gonna give you a post on the second volume of this fantasy Josei that present you a new take on the story written by Lewis Carroll. You can read the post regarding the first volume here.

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[Manga] Are you Alice? vol 1

are you alice vol 1 cover

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As you know, a few weeks ago I finally got my hands on the last volume of the manga series “Are You Alice?” , I was quite excited to have it since that would mean that I will finally resume the series. You see the series got really complex and I was really confused each time a new volumes was releases. I needed to read the previous volumes and even there it was more like “WTH is going on?”, so I decided to put the series on hold and wait to have all the volumes on hand, this way I could read it from 1 to 12 without having to wait one or two months between each.

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A Western Inspiration

Inspiration, we can find it everywhere, it can be a movie we saw that gave us story idea or a book we read that push us to write a post about it, we take this inspiration, turn it into an idea and then create something with this idea. A lot of creator created their series that are inspired by other fictional story. Sometimes Inspiration and Adaptation walk the same path.

In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite anime or manga series that were inspired or are adaptation by western fictional work

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