Top 10 Favorite Anime Male Villains

There was a time where villains were presented as ugly characters or mysterious that hide behind a mask, sometimes it was both and you was wishing he or she kept his or her mask on, once they removed it they were easy to hate. But then the handsome villain make their appearance, villain you wanna hate but you just can’t. In this Top 10 list of my favorite anime male villains, I will give you the one I like and try to put aside the one I hate to death. I let all the sport anime aside, simply cause I don’t see the opposing team as villain but more rival that help the protagonist team to grow stronger.

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Anime vs Manga: The Difference in the Version

For reason that I still don’t get, it’s seems to have a big debate between which is the best of the two medium. This post will not talk about it, but it’s more to talk about the difference there is between story, shown in manga and anime.  I’ll not bring the whole Fullmetal Alchemist story since there is an under version, Brotherhood, that cover the manga pretty well.  Of course this post will contain spoiler, it would be impossible to talk about the difference between a manga and an anime series without spoiling anything. In this post I’ll cover four series: Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, Gunslinger Girl and Black Cat. If you didn’t watch and/or read any of those series and you don’t want any spoiler, I’ll suggest you to not continue reading. For the other, click and enjoy your reading.

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