K-Seven Stories | Blaze

K: Seven Stories 1st Movie Promotional Poster
General Information
Studio GoHands
Source Original
Release Date July 2018
Duration 1h
Genre Action, Drama, Super Power, Supernatural

If you know me, you know that I’m a fan of the K franchise and that I was really excited for the 7 movie that was announced and of course I had to look out for them.

While I’m not a big fan of illegal streaming (when it come to anime), I knew I would have to look for fansub for those movie, however soon as I can buy the legal copy I will, buy all of them… (sorry bank account)

Now that I watch the first of the seven, I guess it’s time to write a post about it right,

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K: Seven Stories – What Will You Find In It

K: Seven Stories Promotional Poster
© GoHand

Hello everyone!
Today I will talk about something I’m really excited about and the reason why you saw me posting about this series twice in the same month (now third with this present post).

Sometimes ago, the Studio GoHand announced they would be releasing movie(s) related to K I got really excited and even more excited when it was announced as seven movie and that some would be adaptation of either manga or light novel.
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