[K-Friday] Five Treasure Island

F.T Island is a K-rock boy band sign under FNC Entertainment and debut in 2007. The group include five member (duh), the leader, Choi Jonghoon, who also play the guitar and the keyboard, Lee Honggi the main vocal (and face of the band), Lee Jaejin who take care of the bass and also the vocal, Song Seunghyun who play the guitar but also take care of the rap and the vocal and lastly Choi Minhwan the drummist and sub-vocalist. Their fan are called Primadonna and their fanclub color is Sunshine Yellow and Black.

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[K-Friday] Spotlight on the Legendary Shinhwa

I was really wondering what I could be talking for that first post of the K-Friday segment, since BTS just had their come back, I could have talk about them, but I figure it would be more logical if I was writing a post about my favorite boy group. The one group that I’m ALWAYS looking forward when they are announcing a comeback, SHINHWA.

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