Monday in Music | No More Dream by BTS

Artist: BTS
Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool
Release: June 2013

“No More Dream” is one of the two lead tracks coming from BTS debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool released in June 2013.

As I said this is one of their debut song and one that is dear to my heart. I might not follow the group closely, I’m not an ARMY (never was) but I saw the group debut in 2013 in fact I was looking forward for them to debut since J-Hope featuring in Jo Kwon “Animal”. When I saw them I was truly amazed by those kids and wished they would survive the harsh world that is Korean entertainment.

I watch that music video so many time that I can see the move dancing in my head when I only listen to the track.

This come the time where RM was known as Rap Monster and wasn’t going out of the house without his sunglasses.

[K-Friday] BTS, Bulletproof Boys

©C Flanigan/Getty Images

Here an other act spotlight, for this edition I decide to go with my third favorite boy group, a group I was really looking forward for them to debut. I already know one for their member, J-Hope (Hoseok), prior the group debut, he featured on one of his labelmate (at the time) song, and what I saw from him got me really curious about the new upcoming group.

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