Wet Dream Wednesday | Hot Daddy

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

It’s now time to share with you another hot list of attractive characters, at least attractive for me.

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Wet Dream Wednesday | Big Brother Complex

I love having headache cause I try to rank my favorite character, some list are easier to do than other and today’s list is on that was pretty easy to do.

Today in Wet Dream Wednesday, I will share with you my favorite big brother of the anime and manga world. To be in this list the character doesn’t need to be a good big brother (even if the character mark some point by being a good bother) as long as they are a big brother.

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[OWLS] Card Captor Sakura: The Love that Make Stronger

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another OWLS post.

Before giving you the topic of this month, I have to tell you what is OWLS.

OWLS stand for Otaku Warrior for Liberty and Self-Respect, we are a group of blogger and vlogger who promote the acceptance of everyone, regardless of the genre, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and disabilities.

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Top 10 Fantasy Anime Male Characters

After the Supernatural Top 10 List (you can read it here) and the Super Power one (you can read it here), now time for the Top 10 Fantasy Anime Male Characters list. As the two previous one, I based the list on the anime tagged as Fantasy by MyAnimeList

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Top 10 Favorite Female Characters

Last Friday I posted about my favorite male character this week it’s about my favorite female characters. My blog is mostly centered about male characters (wonder why ;D ) and I decide to let a bit a place to the female characters.
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Day Eleven РFavorite Sidekick 

Didn’t have to think hard for this one. Each time I have to choose my favorite sidekick, ¬†Kerobero, Kero-chan, is the first I have in mind. He might be a little furry glutton with a lot of pride that sleep or play video game for the most of his time, but that little talking plush give a lot of confidence to a ten years old girl when she needed to most. He knew Sakura could do the job since his old master believed it.

Day Two – First Anime You Watched

Oh God, for this one I had to go back in to the past, maybe fifteen years in the past.

The very first anime series I watched was Card Captor Sakura. I was never a big fan of shojo anime and/or manga, but I remembered I really enjoyed this one. My only complain was at the time the channel which was airing it didn’t present the full series. I had already read the manga so I knew the story, but still. However maybe one or two moths ago I re-watch it completely. Now I’m really excited with all the new series, the Clear Card Arc and apparently we may have an anime too. I cross my finger it happen. It would be so cool to have a brand new Card Captor Sakura anime series.