A Western Inspiration

Inspiration, we can find it everywhere, it can be a movie we saw that gave us story idea or a book we read that push us to write a post about it, we take this inspiration, turn it into an idea and then create something with this idea. A lot of creator created their series that are inspired by other fictional story. Sometimes Inspiration and Adaptation walk the same path.

In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite anime or manga series that were inspired or are adaptation by western fictional work

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Day Ten: Character You Are the Most Similar To

I’m a tad clumsy, I don’t always pay attention at what I’m doing and sometime I don’t always think before speaking. Not in a bad way tho, more like I tend to say thing to people that I should keep secret, like surprise party, a new pet, car stuff like that.

Pretty sure there is a lot of anime and/or manga character that could fit this description, but my I stop my choice on the first character I encounter that remind me the most of how I can be.

Heiji Hattori from Detective Conan

I stopped counting the number of time he almost reveal Conan was Shinichi…that would be the style I thing I could do…

Top 10 Anime Opening  (Part 1)

Opening, to me are important part of an Anime series, they are the introduction to the show. When a series doesn’t have any kind of opening, even if it’s only an instrumental one, I feel like it miss something like with the first season on Gunslinger Girl. Lately I saw a lot of anime series and I hear/watch a lot of opening. So why not make a top 10. Knowing it can be really painful loading a page with a lot of video,  I will split the post in two-part. In today post, we gonna have the position from 10 to 6.

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