Mel’s Summer Watch List 3rd Week

We are now in the 3rd week of the summer season and I seriously wondering how I will keep it without missing anything. Not that I have a lot of series to watch compare to some other fellow aniblogger, but compared to the Winter and Spring season, I watched more title, plus I then to procrastinate a lot…

This post will contain spoilers, therefore if you haven’t seen the episode you can either stop or continues and spoils yourself…

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[First Impression] Summer 2017

Now that I watched the 1st episode of each series on my watch list, plus 3 more, I think it is time to give you my First Impression about them. At first, I was thinking doing a First Impression post for each series I will watch for this Summer 2017 Season, but I figured it will be much easier doing only one post, plus it will save me some time.

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