[Doujinshi] Laughing In A Sunny Spot

Laughing in a sunny spot doujinshi cover, my hero academia, boku no hero academia, endeavor/hawks

©Hiyoko no Sumika

General Information
Series My Hero Academia
Pairing Endeavor/Hawks
Genre Shounen-ai
Circle/Artist Hyoko no Sumika

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Wednesday Ranking | Pro-Hero

Hello Everyone!
Hope you all going good in this Wednesday!

Today I will share with you my Pro-Hero ranking. Mine is really different than the manga ranking, not just talking about Endeavor being number 1, those of you who read the manga knows what I’m talking about. For the anime watcher, I think the ranking will be include at the end of season 4, if not you will have to wait for season 5. If you don’t want character or story spoiler (mostly character), you should stop reading now.

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Wet Dream Wednesday | Hot Daddy

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

It’s now time to share with you another hot list of attractive characters, at least attractive for me.

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