Megane Day, The Type of Megane

The anime and manga world is really an interesting one, you can found all kind of characters, these different characters can be divide in different categories no matter the purpose of the character in the series, protagonist, antagonist and even the supporting character. This can also be applied to the megane aka the beautiful creature wearing glasses. In this post written especially for the Megane Day (10/01), I will list some kind of megane you can find in anime and manga series.

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Top 10 Megane Male Characters

It’s not that I’m running out of fresh idea for my top, but I was really wondering which should be the top of this week. After thinking about it for a week, I decide to please a certain someone who is in love with male characters who wear glasses. So here my Top 10 Megane Male Characters. I didn’t based my choice on the reason why they are wearing glasses, I just pick them cause….I like them

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Anime Crush: Nobuchika Ginoza

** Attention Spoiler Ahead You are Warned**

Nobuchika Ginoza is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Psycho-Pass. He was one of the inspector of the first division of the MWPSB until he was demoted and then he worked as an enforcer. He always tried to not follow the path of his father, enforcer Tomomi Masaoka, and best friend,  enforcer Shinya Kogami, who were both talented inspector. But despite all his attempt at controlling his psycho-pass, it raise after the death of his father during the confrontation with Makishima.

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