[Doujinshi] Kuro Neko wa Ni Do Yume o Miru 1

Kuro neko wa ni yume o miru 1 cover

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Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Genre: Shounen-ai
Circle/Author: Beautiful Dreamer

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[Fanfic] New Life – Extra Chapter

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+

Note from ME: After a very long time, this is the conclusion of my longest fanfic to date and unless I decide to write the adventure of Kagami and Kuroko in America, this extra chapter take place before the epilogue.


For Kagami it looked like it took an eternity, he was looking around just in cases he hasn’t missed them. He was sure to have look at the right schedule when he look on the airline Website. It wasn’t written anywhere the flight will be late. He was already nervous enough, now that he didn’t knew where was his parents it added to his stress.

He still remember the call he got from his parent right before the school summer vacations, he was already planning his vacation with Kuroko when he heard the phone ringing. Kuroko got up first to answer the call.

“Kuroko’s speaking… Oh Mr. Kagami it’s nice to hear you… yes… yes he is here, no problem I will tell him to come”

Kagami heard his boyfriend calling him to the phone, he knew it was his father, he have heard Kuroko talking.

The tall red-haired was now leaving with his Kuroko for about seven months, his parent were already aware of his sexual orientation and they knew he was living with his boyfriend, but Kagami was still nervous each time his parents were calling. Seven month of dating and Kagami’s parent still haven’t met with Kuroko face to face. Kuroko spoke to them over the phone but never saw them in flesh and Kagami was nervous about how the first meeting could go, knowing how his parent were and how Kuroko’ lack of presence was.

Kagami got up from his seat and walk to the phone,

“Dad! Nice to hear you”

“Taiga! Son! Sorry to call you at this time…even if it’s late for us not for you, but it’s your mother, she told me I have to call you to let you know we will come over during the summer, if it was only me, I would have not call and just surprise you…but you know your mother…”

Kagami silently thanks his mother for her good sense.

“So you decide to call to let me know you will come over during the summer vacation?”


“And do you know when you will be here” asked Kagami how was still thinking about the plan Kuroko and him was making.

“Oh! We are leaving tomorrow”


“Taiga? Son?”

“Sorry Dad…so you are leaving tomorrow. .. Okay then…give..me your flight number and I will go to pick your up at the airport”

“Oh Really?! You are really a great son, so see you soon” said Kagami’s father before hanging-up

Once the call has ended, Kagami looked at the receiver and sighed. He turn his head and saw his boyfriend watching him.

“Pretty sure you heard everything ?” he asked to Kuroko.

The icy-blue-haired laughed and smiled “ Yes, it’s great, your parents will come to visit us.


“Taiga don’t make this face, you should be happy about it”

“Oh I am happy… it’s just that would have rather them calling me a little bit earlier than last-minute” replied Kagami scratching his head.

“It’s gonna be okay, we have two months of vacation, we will have time to do what we were planning.”

“I know… *sigh*”

Kagami looked at the paper one which he had written the flight number and told his boyfriend he will look for his parent arrival time. He was hoping for the flight to not be late.

The tall red-haired arrived early at the airport, he didn’t wanted to be late and make his parents wait for him. He look at the time he had a little be of time to kill, he decided to take a coffee and then headed for the door where his parents will come from.

He stood there for a long time, getting nervous, looking around, quickly looking at the door each time it was opening, his leg slowly began to hurt, even if it have been several month since his accident, is legs was still hurting from time to time.. He looked for an area or a place where he could sit but think that his parent might not see him with all the people around him. Kagami sighed and stayed where he was, looking at his watch and at the flight schedule board hoping to see his parents soon.

The tall red-haired was lost in his thoughts when he heard someone calling him.


The tall man looked around and saw his father calling him walking quickly toward him.

“Son!! It’s really nice to see you”

“Dad! I’m really happy to see you too” said Kagami looking for his mom. He saw her quickly walking toward him

“Honey you could have wait for me instead of running ahead alone” she scolded her husband

“Guess I was really happy to see my son”

“Ahhh really..” she sighed before looking at her son “Taiga dear, you look so good…ooh let me look at you”

“Haha mom” said Kagami embarrassed “How was the flight?”

“Long” quickly replied Mr. Kagami

“Long? Then you took a really long nap since you slept for the most part of it.” said Mrs. Kagami winking at her son.

Mr. Kagami mumbled something before walking away leaving his wife behind with their son.


The trio arrived to Kuroko and Kagami’s home on lunchtime. When Kagami passed the front door, a delicious sweet smell greeted him, he called Kuroko from the entrance

“Tetsu!! We are home!!”

The tall red-haired hear a bark and Nigou came running to greet the visitors

“Oh what a cute little dog you have there” said Mrs.Kagami bending down to take the little black and white dog in her arms.

Kuroko arrived without a sound behind Mr. Kagami

“Welcome, hope you had a nice flight” asked the icy-blue-haired young man

At that moment, Kagami thought is father would either hit his head on the ceiling or have a heart attack due to the shock Kuroko just had cause him.

“AAAAHHH! Since where you are there” quickly asked Mr. Kagami shocked by Kuroko’s present behind him. “Are you a Ninja?”

Embarrassed by the Mr. Kagami reaction, Kuroko look at the floor uneasy, even if he was use to see this kind of reaction, he didn’t want to scare Mr. Kagami.

Kagami sigh and laugh at his father reaction,
“Don’t worry dad you will eventually get used to it, he still scare the shit out of me from time to time” he said walking to Kuroko to assure him he made nothing wrong.

Mrs. Kagami looked at the blue-haired young man and smile

“To answer your question,yes dear we had a nice flight” quickly answered Mrs. Kagami with a warm smile before embracing the young man standing in front of her.

While Kagami was with his father putting the luggage away, Kuroko and Mrs. Kagami was talking about the flight in the living room, once they were back, the icy-blue-haired young man asked if they were hungry, he could make them a something light to eat like soup and sandwiches, everyone agreed on that.

After eating, Kuroko, seeing Mr. Kagami yawning and dozing off from the corner of his eye, told to Kagami’s parents if they wanted to take a nap before doing anything they could have wanted to do.

Deliberately ignoring his wife glare “you better not” Mr. Kagami gladly accepted Kuroko’s offers and walked to the guess room while his wife was shaking her head when he passed in front of her.

Once Mr. Kagami was sleeping, the trio decide to go for a walk in the neighborhood, Kagami shown his mom the school where he was working and the kindergarten where Kuroko was working. On their way back, the pass near the cemetery where Aomine was. Kuroko excuses himself to pay a quick visit to his late boyfriend grave.

Looking Kuroko walking away, Kagami had a little bit of sadness in the eyes, which made his mother asking what was the matter.

Kagami explain Kuroko was going to visit Aomine’s grave, his mother smile and ask why he didn’t go she could have kept the dog with her, he was also his friend after all. Kagami sadly smile before replying Aomine’s was more than a friend for Kuroko, he was his previous boyfriend and if he would have been still alive, they would have been still together. Mrs. Kagami smile and rubbed the arm of her son and ask him if he was loving, Kagami replied that of course he was loving him, however he would never be Aomine even if in the end it wasn’t what he wanted. Then Mrs. Kagami asked her son if Kuroko loved him, once again Kagami replied without hesitation that yes Kuroko loved him, his mom smile and said: “Then that’s all what matter in the end”. Kagami smile at his mother and they both waited for Kuroko to come back. Then the trio headed back home wondering if Mr. Kagami would be awake from his nap.

In the evening, Kuroko received a call from his mother inviting him for diner the upcoming Saturday. Kuroko replied he sadly had to decline the invitation since Kagami’s parent was here with them. Kuroko’s mom suddenly become excited and told her son to come with them then. She really wanted to meet them. The icy-blue-haired young man told his mother that he will call her back, he needed to ask them before. Mrs. Kuroko reply there was no problem and she will wait for his call.

After hanging up with his mother, Kuroko told Kagami and the parents of the latter that they were invited to a diner to his parents house and asked them if they wanted to go. Mr. and Mrs Kagami gladly accepted the invitation.


Saturday came and both boys began to get nervous. It was the first time their parents was meeting each other and they was hoping that everything will go smoothly, knowing how their parents was, but their biggest concerns was about how they will interact with each other. It would be the first time they met.

They arrived to Kuroko’s parent house around 2pm and Mrs. Kuroko came to greet them outside, happy to finally meet the parent of her son boyfriend. Mrs. Kagami gave a basket full of macaron to Kuroko’s mother as present: “

“Thank you for the invitation” said Mrs. Kagami with a warm smile

“No I’m the one who should thank you for accepting, it is nice to finally meet you” replied Kuroko’s mother.

“I’m also happy to make your acquaintance, and thank you for thanking care of my Tai”

“Ohohoh, you don’t have to thanks me for that, your son is taking great care of my son, therefore it’s natural for me to take care of him”

Both women share a complices smile before walking toward the house while chatting.

Once they all got inside the house, Mr. Kuroko came to greet them. He then propose to Mr. Kagami to escape outside to talk with a beer, while their wife was talking over cookie and tea. Mr. Kagami accept the proposal of his counterpart and followed him outside in the backyard, while Kuroko and Kagami stayed inside with their the moms.

Both woman talk about a lot of stuff, but mainly about where they were from, they share their childhood memory and it quickly came to their respective son childhood story. More their talk was going, more embarrassed both young men were. In the end Kuroko wanted to disappear when his mom took out the album photo from when he was a kid. Mrs. Kuroko was showing all sort of picture. Both women was gawing over the picture of baby Kuroko.

The icy-blue-haired young man, was flustered, hiding his face behind his hand, not knowing what to do, wishing it stop soon. It was the first time Kagami was seeing his boyfriend like that, him who is usually calm and collected and he couldn’t help but smile at the situation. However, quickly lost his smile when he saw his own mother taking out a small album photo from her purse.

“MOM!! Why are you having this with you?!” quickly ask Kagami

“Oh I wanted to show some picture of you from the time you were younger to you sweetheart” simply replied his mom with a smile

Seeing the panic in Kagami eyes made Kuroko laugh, at least he will not be the only one to be fully embarrassed with proofs of their clumsy past and thing got worse when Mr. Kagami tell some other story about his son from the time they were living in the US.

Both young men parents continue to talk about their respective son until diner and after, they had a lot to say about time, a lot of funny story that both young men you probably have rather staying secrets.

Kuroko and Kagami left with Kagami’s parent late in the night after a good night full of stories, even if they were a little be embarrassed by what their parents said, they both really enjoyed the night and they were relief to see their respective parent seemed to be on the same page.


Kagami’s parent stayed for a little bit more than two weeks, his father had to go back cause of his work.

During the time they were there, they both had the possibilities to meet the remaining member of the Generation of Miracle and Mrs. Kagami made sure to thanks them for enduring her son. Kuroko laugh a little when he heard Kagami mumbling that it was more him who was enduring them. She also convince Kuroko to bring her with him the next time he would visit Aomine’s grave.

In front of the cold stone, Mrs. Kagami pray and asked the late Touou’s ace to look over her son and Kuroko, she also thanks him for behind such a good friend to his son when they were in high school. She spoke about the call Kagami was making, telling how he was happy to have found a rival like Aomine.

Listening to her, made Kuroko tear up a little and felt lucky to witness that.

A few days before their departure, Momoi and Takao came to visit them with little Daiki which made Mrs. Kagami really happy, the little boy was growing and now he was able to crawl on the floor escaping his father and mother.

The day for Kagami’s parent departure came. Kagami and Kuroko accompanied them to the airport, Kagami was a little bit sad to see them leave, but his father promise him to come back at least one more time during the summer.

“Just make sure to call at least a week in advance next time, we might have thing planned” say Kagami to his father remembering the call he got the day before his parent departure from the USA.

“Don’t worry dear, I will be the one who will call next time” replied Kagami’s mom with a smile.
Kuroko and Kagami walked with Kagami’s parent until the gate, share a last embrace and then wave them goodbye. Both young men left only when they wasn’t able to see them anymore.

Walking to the car, Kagami asked to Kuroko what was the plan for the summer now that his parents gone. Kuroko’s smile and said: “why not a trip in America, I always wished to visit it”

To that Kagami smile and kiss his boyfriend forehead before replying “Why not”


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