[K-Friday] A Shiny Stars in the Sky: In Kim JongHyun memories

I’m a K-Music enthusiasm, I have been listening to K-Music, mainly K-Pop, since 2010, I saw a lot of controversies, I read a lot of news about those idols, artist that filled my ears with their voice and melodies. If I can easily pass over controversies and disbandment news, there is one news I can’t get over, the news of an artist passing away always get me hard.

During my seven years into the K-fandom, I saw, not a lot, but more than needed artist leaving us for, I hope, a better place. It could have been caused by illness like a cancer, a medical error or a tragic car accident, they were all shocking. It could also be caused by the wish of just end everything, end the pain cause by an illness that affect more people we can think of, depression or any other mental illness.

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