Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World – the animated Series


Japanese Title: Kino no Tabi: the Beautiful World – The Animated Series
Studio: Lerche
Source: Light Novel
Rating: R-17+ (violence & profanity)
Episode Count: 12
Season: Fall
Aired Date: October 2017 – December 2017
Genre: Action, Adventure, Slice of Life


When 15-year-old Kino is feeling weighed down by heavy thoughts, one thing always manages to cheer her up: traveling. Nothing fills her heart with joy like exploring the beautiful, wonderful world around her and the fascinating ways people find to live. However, Kino is not as helpless as her cute appearance and courteous demeanor suggest. Armed with “Cannon” and “Woodsman,” her trusted handguns, Kino isn’t afraid to kill anyone who would dare to get in her way. Always by her side is her best friend and loyal companion Hermes, a sentient motorcycle, who supports Kino through the sorrows and hardships of their journey. Together, they travel the vast countryside with the shared goal of always moving forward, and a single rule: never stay in one country for more than three days.
As Kino and Hermes encounter new people and learn the rules of their civilizations, they grow and find out more about their own values and virtues. But as Kino slowly discovers the world around her, she also finds herself facing dangers that linger within the vast unknown.

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** This post contains spoilers, read at your own risk **


I don’t clearly remember how I came across this series, but since it’s the season year I decide exploring new genre of series, I could guess I decide to give it a try after seeing the Crunchyroll tweet when the first episode launched, or maybe I was just browsing the orange streamer catalogue and just got curious about it. Either way, I have to say I’m quite surprise that I actually kept up with it until the end. Not because it was a bad series, it was fairly decent, in fact decent enough for me to enjoy it, however I wouldn’t watch a second season if they ever come to make one.

Following Kino and some of the other characters, like the very attractive Shizu, across the different country through the twelves episodes this series count made me wonder (even five months after the end of the series) what was beautiful in the world Kino was leaving in. the blood flowed more than once and not all the characters were treated equally (this is also true in the real world, but our world is far to be beautiful, unless you only look at the landscape, again most of the human population is taking the planet for a mega dumpster…sorry I’m side tracking a little).

My first impression of the show was “oh we will get a lesson at the end of each episode” I wasn’t really far from the truth, even if most of the episode taught us nothing other than humanity can be hopeless. The only time I actually felt bad for a country is the that disappeared after a volcano eruption (like Pompei). I felt bad cause it’s probably the only time Kino, the emotionless 15 yrs old girl, liked a country enough to wish to stay more than her usual three days. It’s the only time where I was looking for tissue, even if the reason why she liked the country and it’s inhabitant, was because of the fake impression the latter wanted to give before being erased from the map.


Each episode have its own story even if Kino cross the path other character, like the very attractive Shizu, more than once. Someone who just want to check out a random episode will probably not feel lost even if they choose one in the middle of the season (to be honest I can’t remember if there was a country that last more than one episode), each episode of it’s story and conclusion, conclusion that come when Kino (or the very attractive Shizu) leave the country.

Visually, I really like the series, I liked how different each country were from each other, how different were the landscape, I like the detail of each city. I like the colors scheme use for the show, nothing bright or glittery. The tones that were probably used the most are the different shade of green, brown, black and grey. However it’s wasn’t a gloomy looking series despite the absence of bright color, it just gave a…journey (I really don’t know who to explain it) adventure feel to the show

In the end, I enjoyed Kino Journey, I like seeing her and Hermes the talking moto visiting the different country. I know some people complained it wasn’t as good as the original released in 2003. Since I haven’t watch it, I can’t tell, however I supposed someone who haven’t watch the 2003 version might like this one since both seems to be really different from each other. It depend if you like series with episode that doesn’t have anything that link the episode together other than the main character (and the very attractive side character wielding a katana).

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