Sport Anime Challenge | Day 4 – Favorite Sport Anime Character

Hi Everyone!!
Welcome back to the Sport Anime Challenge with Mel!

Yesterday I shared with you my favorite sport anime series, today, for the fourth day of this challenge, I will share with you my favorite character (read crush here), even if I’m positive you already know the answer, but I don’t care it’s just one more occasion for me to reiterate my love for that idiot.

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Sport Anime Challenge | Day 3 – Favorite Sport Anime

I everyone this is the day 3 of the Sport Anime Challenge and today I will share with you my favorite sport anime.
I have to say I haven’t watched a lot of sport anime, the number of that genre, can be count on two hands, but i still have one I prefer more than the other and I’m pretty sure most of you knew the answer.

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Never Lost at Anything Before, Prideful Akashi Seijuro

Hi Welcome to June OWLS Tour!

In this new edition, we will talk about a topic that touch everyone.

But before jumping into the subject, let’s take a look at what is OWLS.

OWLS stand for Otaku Warrior for Liberty and Self-Respect, we are a group of blogger and vlogger who promote the acceptance of everyone regardless of the ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. You can read more about OWLS here .

Each month, Lyn (Something about LynLyn),our awesome Chief Creative Officer, come with a new prompt and we have to explore the monthly topic using the pop culture as support. It can be the latest Blockbuster, a book or any other series or video game.

For the June tour, Lyn give us “Pride” as prompt,

“ In honor of “Pride Month,” we will be discussing the word, “Pride” and its meaning. We will be exploring pop culture characters’ most satisfying and joyful achievements or skills that they possessed and whether or not these qualities could be seen as a positive or negative aspect in their personal lives and/or society.”

Soon as I saw the June prompt, I knew what I would talk about, I knew which series I would pick.

Kuroko no Basuke, I know I already used it back in December 2017 for the “Warmth” tour, but when I saw June prompt, I thought I could somehow like the two posts together, since one of the reason why Kuroko lost his precious smile was become some character(s) had too much pride.

Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) is a manga series written and illustrated by Fujimaki Tadatoshi, the manga was published in the magazine Weekly Shounen Jump from December 2008 to September 2014. In April 2012, the series got adapted by Production IG and count 3 season.

The story follow Kuroko and the basketball team of Seirin High School through their journey in basketball competition. Their journey wasn’t easy since they had to face five talented individuals dubbed as the Generation of Miracle.

Kuroko know the Generation of Miracle very well since he used to play with them when he was in middle-school, he was their shadow, he was that force directing any pass toward them. Being part of the first string, Kuroko saw the talent of five teammates, blooming he also witness their pride swallowing them and become an obstacle to the team spirit.

More their talent was blooming, more prideful they became, some even decide to skip practice, what was the point of practicing when they were already far above the other player of the same age of them?

They all had their pride and they were the pride of their school, the school who should have corrected them, guide them, let them free , let them do what they wanted.

They all had their pride, however one of them had more pride than the four others and this pride lead the team to forget what team play really means.

©Production IG

Akashi Seijuro come from a rich family, his father always pushed him to have good result, never acknowledging that defeat and fails can be a good thing, can be helpful when it come time to learn to never give up.

©Production IG

Akashi never failed, he always had good result, being the top student of his school, unbeaten in shogi, he became vice-captain of the team soon as he was part of it for later becoming the team captain.

Akashi never knew the concept of losing, he doesn’t know what it mean to fail. Therefore, when he face a situation where he would lose,pushed against the wall, his pride took over and became a second personality.

He was playing one-one-one with Murasakibara Atsushi, if Murasakibara was winning against Akashi by 5 points , the tall purple-haired center could just walk away and skip practice. Akashi was losing 4 – 0,only one point and Akashi would have lost the game. Only one point and and he would have taste of the defeat for the first time, this is where Akashi prideful personality came into play. By letting his pride leading the game, Akashi won the game. This was a turning point in the team dynamic, this is where everything start to fell apart. Akashi wasn’t the same anymore, he wasn’t as respectful and was looking people around him from above. He was like an emperor his order were absolute.

©Production I.G

Prideful Akashi leading the team, soon an I in Team appear, they weren’t playing together as one anymore, they were only playing for themselves, having competitions about who will mark the most point. They didn’t care about the team, as long as they were winning everything was okay.

©Production I.G

Pride can become your worst enemy, it can blind you to the point where can’t see when you are wrong anymore.


When you can see when you are wrong this is when you have to swallow your pride and let the other win. This is where Akashi was wrong, if only he could have realized that sooner, the effort made by the previous captain to build a strong team that know the meaning of team play wouldn’t have be sent in the abyss. Sadly he didn’t and his acts push Kuroko to come to dislike a sport he loved.

However in the same times, being prideful is okay, it can help you sometimes, pride can push you to achieve your goal, then it become you ally.

Kuroko also had his pride, his pride as the shadow of the strongest team, his pride helped him to set his goal, it help him to prove to his former teammate they were wrong to think that playing in team and not in a team give nothing but trouble.

I also had my prideful moment, moment where I was too proud to say “Hey I need help for that”, too proud to call sick cause my back was killing, I was too proud to show I could be weak sometimes. Now where I was to set my limit, I know when I have to call for help to avoid any injuries, but it’s not always easy, there is still time where I might have ask for help but didn’t. Learning to say “I might not me able to do it by myself” is not a sign of weakness, it’s just show that you are human and as every human you have your limit.


This was my June post for the OWLS Tour, don’t forget to check out Matt (Matt-in-the-Hat) entry about Black Clover, that was posted before mine, while waiting for Zoe entry scheduled for the 12th

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“Only the Fools Don’t Change their Minds | Mere-Exposure Effect, that Thing that Like to Screw Up Your Mind

© Character Design: Shortie

It probably happened to everyone at least once, we all at least once came to like something or someone after being repeatedly exposed to it. We might have been indifferent in the beginning, not paying too much attention to that thing or person (or character, we might even be cold toward it, sometimes hate it.

But after seeing it, hearing it, tasting it, we start to change your mind on the subject, we gradually warmed up to it, talking more about it, looking for piece of information related to it, cause after all only the fools don’t change their minds.

The mere-exposure effect is how the psychologist call the phenomenon leading one to develop a preference, to have a change of heart to thing that we become familiar with. It has been demonstrated that more often a person is seen by someone, the more pleasing and likeable that person appears to be. The effect also been demonstrated with various thing like words, paintings, pictures and sound (1)

If I know the existence of that phenomenon, if I know the name of it, it’s because I was subjected to it more than once.

When the kpop girl group SNSD (Girl’s Generation) had their comeback in 2013 with the track “I Got a Boy” I wasn’t super thrilled, I didn’t liked the song, I was really wondering why one of the top girl group of the time was coming back with this horrendous mash-up song. To me the track didn’t flow well, there was too many thing happening in one song. At the time I know I wasn’t the only one who thought that, even the member of the group wasn’t sure of what to think about the song. However after listening to it again and again just for the sake of torturing myself and trying to understand why people were enjoying it so much, I came to like it myself and it’s is now safe to say that “I Got A Boy” is one of my favorite track of the group.

Some anime and manga characters also have the same effect on me. If in the beginning, I wasn’t attracted toward them, more I was seeing them in fan art, doujinshi or simply GIF and official picture, more I was pulled toward them, looking for picture/fan art of them, enjoying doujinshi with them.

One of this case, I already mentioned it in a post that I wrote in February 2017, is Imayoshi Shouichi, character of Kuroko no Basuke, captain of the basketball team of Touou Academy. In the anime series, while I thought it was kind of cute, it wasn’t more than that, he wasn’t even on any top character at the moment, however after seeing him popping up in my endless research of various Aomine fanart I came to enjoy seeing him to the point I need to find art with only him on it.

©Production IG


This is also the case of the powerful wing spiker and captain of Shiratorizawa, Ushijima Wakatoshi from Haikyuu!!. When I first saw him in the anime, I wanted to punch him and his feeling of superiority, his way of look down on people, however thank to all the fanart and doujinshi I warmed up to that idiot, I warmed up to the point I absolutely needed his nendoroid when it came out.

© Production IG

The more recent case that  King Explosion idiot that his Bakugo Katsuki from My Hero Academia, and fun thing, I’m not the only one who is struggling what that moron. My dear friend Zel also had a sudden change of heart concerning that bully. If my change of mind was cause by all the sweet and fluffy doujinshi I read with him paired with either Kirishima or Midorya, Zel it’s because she deeply fell in the pit of hell that is fan fiction, of cause all the fan art depicting him incredibly hot, sexy or just cute and fluffy didn’t help our case.

© tourabu_neko This picture suddenly became my laptop background

I could give you a lot more example of what the mere-exposure effect did to me, how it pushed me to use more and more certains Pokemons while playing when before I was catching them just for the sake of completing my pokedex.

This phenomenon is the same that make something or someone growing on you. If at first you just acknowledged the fact that thing or person /character exists, more you are exposed to it, more it grow on you and more you like it.

The mere-exposure effect, is that one thing that like to screw-up with your mind, to make you change your mind regarding stuff you didn’t enjoy you was just indifferent in the beginning.

Did you ever had a change of heart or mind about something or someone you didn’t particularly like in the beginning, but more you were seeing it, more you were exposed to it, more you became familiar with it more you like it?

Let me know it the comment section below!

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 6 Day 11

Howdy Everyone!
Welcome back to this new edition of “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men from the Anime World”

I‘m Mel your host and this is Arthis my lost brother, say hi!!

Arooo~! I’m so happy to find you, my dear sibling, after so many years! :’)

We are now at the day 11 of the challenge and today we gonna share about our favorite Blondie

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Kuroko’s Basket – Impactful Moment with ZEL!!


Last years, I met someone online, someone who, I didn’t knew at the time, would become my closest online friend. We talked a lot, there wasn’t a week where we were not fangirl together about some series or characters. I think the series we talked the most about is Kuroko’s Basket (Kuroko no Basuke). It could be about anything, character or about moment we remember, therefore it is not surprising we decided to make a collaboration post on this series.

I have the feeling I forgot something really important…Oh yes I forgot to present you that friend who share that KnB addiction with me…

Let me present you Hazelyn, or Zel, from ARCHI-ANIME

Say hi Zel!!

Hi Mel! Thanks for having me over as a guest today! And aww, man that description of us. Who knew that our fangirling would result in us being fangirl blog besties. You get me Mel, you get me. Let me also take the time to thank you for joining me in the collaboration. It’s been a fun project to work on together (when I finally sat down to do it)

Anyways! Let’s get this started shall we?

Yes!! Let’s get started!!

So this post collaboration gonna be about the impactful, important moment seen in Kuroko no Basuke. Since the series as a lot of those scene that change a character, we gonna talk about three moments we think are really standing out the most. On this side of the collaboration, we gonna give our opinion about the scene I choose and on Zel post it will be her three moments.

Let’s start first with my first pick

“Kagami going through the second door of the Zone and enter the Direct Drive Zone”

©Production I.G

As you should already know, a player can get into the zone state, when they love and passionate about the sport they practice, they get really focus on what they are doing and almost forgot about their surrounding. You can read more about the Zone here.

So why did I choose this scene, it’s simple it prove the Generation of Miracle wrong, cause to be able to enter the «Direct Drive Zone» it’s about being able to play in team, to trust your teammates. If you can’t play in a team, you can’t open that second door. That is why Aomine was never able to enter that second zone, he is not a team player and he was playing for a team that was letting him to whatever he wanted

©Production I.G
© Production I.G

In addition to what Mel had to say, I found this scene to be impactful because it showed Kagami’s realization was what it exemplified what Kuroko had always believed in. We saw Kuroko at one point tell Kise during their Teiko years that he thinks about what he can do for the team. I think that Kagami was thinking about what he could do for the team in this moment and that allowed for his epiphany that he doesn’t have to do it alone and therefore allowed him to enter the Direct Drive Zone. For him to enter the “true zone” there was a complete and utter level of trust with one another on Seirin that allowed them to play so flawlessly at the end. And this goes back to what Mel said about Aomine not being able to enter this zone, everyone let Aomine do whatever he wanted, and the same goes for Akashi. Akashi dictated how the GoM played which is why they never understood the full meaning of working as a team.

Excatly! Kagami being able to get into the Direct Drive Zone, prove Kuroko was right from the beginning and the Generation of Miracle was wrong. Being a team player and being able to trust your teammate is really important, this lead to my second impactful moment.

“Midorima accepting Takao blind pass “

© Production I.G

The reason why I think it’s important it’s because Midorima is known for never shoot if he is not sure the ball with go in, he is not the type to take risk. For him to accept that kind of pass mean he acknowledged Takao and trust him. I have to add a little side note here, the reason why Takao decide to go to Shutoku to get acknowledge by Midorima, to make him realize that he can trust his teammate. Therefore when Midorima receive that blind pass it surprise everyone no one thought it will ever happen. He didn’t only receive it like any normal pass, he receive it in a motion of shooting to the basket, which I think, you need to put a lot of thrust into your teammate

©Production I.G

For me, this scene was particularly moving because Midorima choosing to accept a blind pass from Takao was Midorima accepting that winning with the help of your teammates meant more than winning by itself. However, Midorima wouldn’t have realized it if wasn’t for the pressure he felt in the close game with Rakuzan. Midorima felt cornered, which forced him to realize that he needed to trust his teammates.

My last impactful moment is when “Kise unlock the full perfect copy against Haizaki”.

©Production I.G

It’s not the first time we see him using the perfect copy, he did it before, but now he is able to copy ALL the Generation of Miracle, from Midorima full court shoot to Murasakibara impenetrable defense passing by Akashi emperor eyes. The reason why I think it’s important is mostly because now Kise is really close to be a perfect player and also he get to that point against someone who always made fun of him, always look down on him.

Well, we all know I’m a huge advocate of Kise. I was a bit surprised that Mel chose a Kise moment, but I also understand why. I mean, this scene was the culmination of Kise becoming a really great all-around player. This was particularly impactful to me because, as I’ve mentioned on a previous post about Kise, Kise was ready to give up against Haizaki, thinking he couldn’t surpass him. But Kuroko was in the stands rooting for him, which gave him the confidence he needed to realize he could pull off ‘perfect copy’.

Those are only three moments, three moment impactful enough to change the way a character will act and think. After going through those event, Kagami, Midorima and Kise are not the same person.


This is all for the first part of this Kuroko no Basuke collaboration, you can read the second part on Zel blog ARCHI-ANIME

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you on Zelly Zel blog!!


[OWLS Tour] After the Rain come the Sun, Smiles that Warmth Everyone’s Heart

Hi everyone, welcome to my second OWLS post. For those who are new, OWLS (Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect), is a group of blogger and vlogger who promote the acceptance of everyone without taking in consideration their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation disabilities.

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