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Last years, I met someone online, someone who, I didn’t knew at the time, would become my closest online friend. We talked a lot, there wasn’t a week where we were not fangirl together about some series or characters. I think the series we talked the most about is Kuroko’s Basket (Kuroko no Basuke). It could be about anything, character or about moment we remember, therefore it is not surprising we decided to make a collaboration post on this series.

I have the feeling I forgot something really important…Oh yes I forgot to present you that friend who share that KnB addiction with me…

Let me present you Hazelyn, or Zel, from ARCHI-ANIME

Say hi Zel!!

Hi Mel! Thanks for having me over as a guest today! And aww, man that description of us. Who knew that our fangirling would result in us being fangirl blog besties. You get me Mel, you get me. Let me also take the time to thank you for joining me in the collaboration. It’s been a fun project to work on together (when I finally sat down to do it)

Anyways! Let’s get this started shall we?

Yes!! Let’s get started!!

So this post collaboration gonna be about the impactful, important moment seen in Kuroko no Basuke. Since the series as a lot of those scene that change a character, we gonna talk about three moments we think are really standing out the most. On this side of the collaboration, we gonna give our opinion about the scene I choose and on Zel post it will be her three moments.

Let’s start first with my first pick

“Kagami going through the second door of the Zone and enter the Direct Drive Zone”

©Production I.G

As you should already know, a player can get into the zone state, when they love and passionate about the sport they practice, they get really focus on what they are doing and almost forgot about their surrounding. You can read more about the Zone here.

So why did I choose this scene, it’s simple it prove the Generation of Miracle wrong, cause to be able to enter the «Direct Drive Zone» it’s about being able to play in team, to trust your teammates. If you can’t play in a team, you can’t open that second door. That is why Aomine was never able to enter that second zone, he is not a team player and he was playing for a team that was letting him to whatever he wanted

©Production I.G
© Production I.G

In addition to what Mel had to say, I found this scene to be impactful because it showed Kagami’s realization was what it exemplified what Kuroko had always believed in. We saw Kuroko at one point tell Kise during their Teiko years that he thinks about what he can do for the team. I think that Kagami was thinking about what he could do for the team in this moment and that allowed for his epiphany that he doesn’t have to do it alone and therefore allowed him to enter the Direct Drive Zone. For him to enter the “true zone” there was a complete and utter level of trust with one another on Seirin that allowed them to play so flawlessly at the end. And this goes back to what Mel said about Aomine not being able to enter this zone, everyone let Aomine do whatever he wanted, and the same goes for Akashi. Akashi dictated how the GoM played which is why they never understood the full meaning of working as a team.

Excatly! Kagami being able to get into the Direct Drive Zone, prove Kuroko was right from the beginning and the Generation of Miracle was wrong. Being a team player and being able to trust your teammate is really important, this lead to my second impactful moment.

“Midorima accepting Takao blind pass “

© Production I.G

The reason why I think it’s important it’s because Midorima is known for never shoot if he is not sure the ball with go in, he is not the type to take risk. For him to accept that kind of pass mean he acknowledged Takao and trust him. I have to add a little side note here, the reason why Takao decide to go to Shutoku to get acknowledge by Midorima, to make him realize that he can trust his teammate. Therefore when Midorima receive that blind pass it surprise everyone no one thought it will ever happen. He didn’t only receive it like any normal pass, he receive it in a motion of shooting to the basket, which I think, you need to put a lot of thrust into your teammate

©Production I.G

For me, this scene was particularly moving because Midorima choosing to accept a blind pass from Takao was Midorima accepting that winning with the help of your teammates meant more than winning by itself. However, Midorima wouldn’t have realized it if wasn’t for the pressure he felt in the close game with Rakuzan. Midorima felt cornered, which forced him to realize that he needed to trust his teammates.

My last impactful moment is when “Kise unlock the full perfect copy against Haizaki”.

©Production I.G

It’s not the first time we see him using the perfect copy, he did it before, but now he is able to copy ALL the Generation of Miracle, from Midorima full court shoot to Murasakibara impenetrable defense passing by Akashi emperor eyes. The reason why I think it’s important is mostly because now Kise is really close to be a perfect player and also he get to that point against someone who always made fun of him, always look down on him.

Well, we all know I’m a huge advocate of Kise. I was a bit surprised that Mel chose a Kise moment, but I also understand why. I mean, this scene was the culmination of Kise becoming a really great all-around player. This was particularly impactful to me because, as I’ve mentioned on a previous post about Kise, Kise was ready to give up against Haizaki, thinking he couldn’t surpass him. But Kuroko was in the stands rooting for him, which gave him the confidence he needed to realize he could pull off ‘perfect copy’.

Those are only three moments, three moment impactful enough to change the way a character will act and think. After going through those event, Kagami, Midorima and Kise are not the same person.


This is all for the first part of this Kuroko no Basuke collaboration, you can read the second part on Zel blog ARCHI-ANIME

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you on Zelly Zel blog!!


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Anime Crush: Takao Kazunari

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Top 10 Favorite Sport Anime Match

When I watch sport anime, I feel a lot of emotion. I happy when my favorite team is winning, sad when they are losing. Of course, I’m also stress when I don’t know the outcome of a match ( I get stressed even if I know it, but that something else).
Today for the last Top Sport Anime theme (should be the last) I decide to make a countdown of my favorite match.

10th Position

Kaijo VS Touou (Kuroko no Basuke)

Even if they lost, Kaijo gave everything they had against Touou. It’s also during this match Kise stop looking up at Aomine cause he realize that as long as he will looking up to him, he would never be able to beat him. I must admit that I wasn’t rooting for Aomine…

9th Position

Shutoku VS Razukan (Kuroko no Basuke)

Again the team I was rooting for didn’t win, but Shutoku gave me a good match that I enjoyed. The highlight of the game is when Midorima finally decide to trust Takao enough to blindly accept his pass.

8th Position

Atobe VS Sanada (Prince of Tennis)

When two people who master their sport affront each other it always give a great game and that was what the match between Atobe from Hyotei and Sanada from Rikkaidai was about. It was such a great game, just too bad Sakaki stop it, I would have like to know the winner.

7th Position

Fuji VS Mizuki (Prince of Tennis)

That moment when Mizuki realize that all the data he had about Fuji‘s style was wrong was priceless. If even Inui can’t have those data, Hajime Mizuki will surely not of them. Karma is a bitch…

6th Position

Seirin VS Touou -the 2nd game (Kuroko no Basuke)

OMG, Aomine lost and finally find someone who can beat him. Losing to Kuroko and his team was probably the best thing that could happen to that moron.

5th Position

Fuji VS Kirihara (Prince of Tennis)

One thing we learn in this game is to not piss off Fuji. Even if you go all out, he will still kick your ass.

4th Position

Echizen vs Sanada – Kanto Tournament (Prince of Tennis)

When Ryoma played against Sanada during the Kanta Tournament, it was the second time he was affronting him. the first time he lost and that lost had a lot of side effect. Seeing him win during the official match was a real delight.

3rd Position

Kaijo VS Fukuda (Kuroko no Basuke)

I have only one thing to say about his game…Kise Perfect Copy. Oh! and the fact he completely finish by owning Haizaki.

2nd Position

Karasuno VS shiratorizawa (Haikyuu!!)

A Haikyuu!! match finally make it appearance in the top. Not that the other game are not worth to mention but if i look at it on the overall, Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa was the best game of the match. Not only our little crow win over the big bad eagle, but they also prove they still had their place on the top, like when it was before.

1st Position

Seirin VS Razukan (Kuroko no Basuke)

Just the fact that Akashi and Razukan get dethroned by an underdog team is enough to me to say this is the best match. But also the fact win this game Kuroko prove to his old team member that his basketball style is an important part of the play, but also his new light could unlock the second stage of the zone. Did I told you Razukan lost that game? that simple fact is amazing.

As I said somewhere up there in the beginning of that post, this is, most probably, the last sport anime themed Top, unless one of my dear reader suggest something new.
Hope you enjoyed your reading.
Do you have a favorite match ?

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