[Manga] The Emperor and I

General Information
Original Title Emperor to Issho
Mangaka Mato
Status Complete
Genre Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
Chapters 43
Volumes 4
Original Run Oct 2015 to Jul 2017


What would happen if you found an Emperor penguin in your freezer ? Ask Kaho, one day after coming back from school, she found one in her freezer. Follow her adventure with this strange new family member.

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[Manga] Inspector Akane Tsunemori – Review

General Information
Original Title Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane
Mangaka Story: Urobuchi Gen (Nitroplus) Art: Miyoshi Hikaru Characther Design: Amano Akira
Source Production I.G Original Anime
Status Complete
Genre Seinen, Thriller, Psychological, Drama, Sci-Fi
Volume(s) 6
Chapters 27
Original Run November 2012 to December 2014

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori vol.5

Hello everyone! Hope you are going good today!

After this post, there is only one other post left to reach the conclusion of Inspector Akane Tsunemori, then I will write a overall review where I will talk about thing already mentioned and thing that I left aside.

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori vol.2

Hello everyone! Hope you are going good today!

Now that I read the second volume of the manga adaptation of Psycho-Pass, Inspector Akane Tsunemori and watch the episode that is covering, it is time for me to right the post before I forget about it, I’m looking at the notes that I took and I doubt I would be able to decipher them if I wait. But that doesn’t mean that post goes out soon as I finished it, like 98% of my posts, this one is schedule, in other word this rambling doesn’t makes any sense.

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori Vol 1

Hello Everyone! Hope you are going good today.

I have complete the manga series of Inspector Akane Tsunemori a few months ago, however I still haven’t read them yet, I wanted to wait to have the time to watch the anime from which the manga is adapted at the same times and see the difference between the two.

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[Manga] Are you Alice? vol 1

are you alice vol 1 cover

Hello Everyone!

As you know, a few weeks ago I finally got my hands on the last volume of the manga series “Are You Alice?” , I was quite excited to have it since that would mean that I will finally resume the series. You see the series got really complex and I was really confused each time a new volumes was releases. I needed to read the previous volumes and even there it was more like “WTH is going on?”, so I decided to put the series on hold and wait to have all the volumes on hand, this way I could read it from 1 to 12 without having to wait one or two months between each.

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[Manga] Moriarty the Patriot vol. 4

Moriarty the Patriote volume 4 cover

Illustration © Hikaru Miyoshi – Story © Ryosuke Takeuchi




Hello everyone!

Hope you are all going great in this Tuesday.

Not sure of how it will go, how consistent it will be, but I will try to post my impressions of manga that I read (in physical copy only) volume by volume. I will try to keep the spoilers as minimum as possible.

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[Manga] Black Torch

black torch, volume 1 cover

© Takaki Tsuyoshi

General Information</>
Original Title BLACK TORCH
Mangaka Takaki Tsuyoshi
Status Complete
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, supernatural
Chapter 19
Volume</td/ 5
Original Run 9 avril 2017 – 3 août 2018


As a descendant of shinobi, Jirou Azuma has been learning ninja techniques his entire life. But in addition to that, he also has the ability to talk to animals. One day when he rescues a strange black cat named Ragou, he learns that the world is filled with spirits called mononoke that can take the form of both people and animals. However, their meeting is cut short when they are attacked by a hostile mononoke who is after Ragou’s power.
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A Western Inspiration

Inspiration, we can find it everywhere, it can be a movie we saw that gave us story idea or a book we read that push us to write a post about it, we take this inspiration, turn it into an idea and then create something with this idea. A lot of creator created their series that are inspired by other fictional story. Sometimes Inspiration and Adaptation walk the same path.

In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite anime or manga series that were inspired or are adaptation by western fictional work

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