[Doujinshi] Tonight, I Won’t Let You Leave – 18+

General Information
Series My Hero Academia
Pairing All Might/Aizawa
Genre Yaoi (18+)
Circle/Artist Eternal Snow

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Pleasure + Room + NSFW


Like I said in the previous post, I wrote an extra part for this story and just by looking at the title, to all my reader under 18 just stick to the three previous part ( 123 ). I realize that I just can’t keep story all fluffy clean of smut…wait I can but it’s really hard.

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[Doujinshi] Uwamezukai no Koibito – 18+

Series: Boku no Hero Academia
Pairing: Midoriya x Bakugo
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi (RT18+)
Circle: GiftKuchen (Shitori)


No easy the Hero life when your boyfriend is the one you always see as a rival is now taller than you and really needy

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