Megane Day 2018, Round-Up

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!!

Welcome to the Megane Day 2018 Round-up!

For those who weren’t aware, every year in Japan artist and anime/manga fan celebrate on the October 1st (10-01 – look look it look like glasses!! cool right), the Megane day ( a megange is a character who wear glasses) and as an ani-blogger, I decide to also celebrate it. Artist celebrates it by drawing characters wearing glasses, but since I can’t draw ( I only pretend), I thought I could write a post related to megane character and invite other ani-blogger to do the same.

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Hiyori Toono: Solitary Misunderstood Polar Bear

Free! is categorize as a sport anime, it is one of the few that can balance well the Slice of Life genre with the Sport genre. Free! is a slice of life with drama using sport as support, swimming races are often used as trigger to start or finalize a character development. It might be categorized as a sport anime, but drama is worthy of any Slice of Life and became a trademark of this series. Each season as its share of dramatic moments, angst, fight between childhood friend. Free! take the big piece of the cake when it come to lack of communication, miscommunication and misunderstanding. If there is none of that, it cannot be a Free! series.

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