Hiiragi Mahiru: The Demonic Flowers

© Yamato Yamamoto

I talked about it in the previous post focus on a anime (or manga) female character and people who know me, know that I’m not really fond of the character. I probably passed more time talking bad about the character I will talk about today that say good thing about her.

But more I read the manga, more I read the light novel, more I see Hiiragi Mahiru, from Seraph of the End differently and maybe writing this post will make me like her a little more by seeing her under a new light.

© Asami You

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Uraraka Ochako: The Cheerful Flowers

Uraraka Ochako, My Hero Academia, Studio Bones

The long time reader of my blog know it, I like my pretty boy, my blog if feel with them. However this doesn’t mean that I don’t have favorite female character, I might not have as much as favorite male characters (I doubt I would be able to make a top 20 now), but I have a few.

I did wrote a post long time ago about one of my favorite female character and I felt like it was time that I post a new one.
At first I thought about writing a post about Mahiru Hiiragi (I know I pass more time saying I don’t like her, but maybe if I write a post about her I will see her under a new light), but instead I decide to go with my favorite female character of one of my current series obsession, Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia.

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