Necessary, Unnecessary Anime Death

Before going ahead with my usual greeting, I need to tell you one thing about this post. It’s gonna be filled with spoilers. I can’t even tell you about which series the post cover since it gonna give it away.

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25D AMCC – Day Fifteen: Anime Male with Red Hair

Red is the color of the fire, the color of a burning passion. Red hair character are often seen as hot-blooded  (with some exception) and/or as passionate person

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Top 5 Saddest Anime or Manga Death

**Attention Contain Spoilers**

Wow is it really a Top not related to music ???
Yes I told you the last one was the Top 5 Anime Ending of the 2016 Fall Season until the next anime season.
Now, I was wondering which Top I should do, and I thought to start with a hard topic, The Death.
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