[Manga] Moriarty the Patriot vol. 4

Moriarty the Patriote volume 4 cover

Illustration © Hikaru Miyoshi – Story © Ryosuke Takeuchi




Hello everyone!

Hope you are all going great in this Tuesday.

Not sure of how it will go, how consistent it will be, but I will try to post my impressions of manga that I read (in physical copy only) volume by volume. I will try to keep the spoilers as minimum as possible.

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Wet Dream Wednesday | Favorite Male Character – Manga Only Edition

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

Welcome back to another hot list, today I will share with you my favorite male character that are exclusive to manga for now, maybe one day we will have the pleasure to have an anime adaptation.

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[Manga] Moriarty the Patriot First Impression

©Miyoshi, Hikaru

Original Title Yuukoku no Moriarty
Mangaka Takeuchi, Ryousuke (story), Miyoshi, Hikaru (Art)
Status On-going
Genre Mystery, Shounen, Psychological
Chapter N/A
Volume 8 (When this post was written)
Original Run Aug 4, 2016 to –


He want one thing, make a big clean-up and get rid of the dirty noble that are tarnishing his country, William James Moriarty it ready to do everything to make his dream happen.
Some Sherlock Holmes’s adventure see through eyes of this greatest enemy Moriarty, where the famous detective become the antagonist.

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Wet Dream Wednesday | Big Brother Complex

I love having headache cause I try to rank my favorite character, some list are easier to do than other and today’s list is on that was pretty easy to do.

Today in Wet Dream Wednesday, I will share with you my favorite big brother of the anime and manga world. To be in this list the character doesn’t need to be a good big brother (even if the character mark some point by being a good bother) as long as they are a big brother.

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