Sport Anime Challenge | First Sport Anime You Watched

It’s not because it’s a challenge that we need to start right from the start with struggle to chose a title right?

The first post anime I watched is probably not the first that I would recommend to someone who never watched anime title from the genre before, not because it’s a bad series, no in fact this series will forever have a special place in my heart, but because compare to the other sport anime it the less thrilling one.

Prince of Tennis

Now don’t get me wrong, the boys struggles, not all the game are easy, but they don’t struggle as a team, but as individual.

There was time some player face some difficulties, if in other sport anime most of the time the other member of the team will point how what the player have to change in order to get better, it’s not always truth in Prince of tennis. The other member of the club weren’t really eager to help the other to get better. Yes they do practice with each other, but most of the time they have to figure out themselves how to get stronger, “Don’t worry he will come back” does nothing to help.

I know, tennis is mainly a sport people play single and double, but it’s not because of that that you have to kill the team spirit by leaving the weakest player alone with their struggle.

That being said, Prince of Tennis also have is good point and strangely its good point are almost the same as the weak point. Since they don’t always tend to help each other to figure out their weakness, player learn to rely on themselves, on their own strength to get through a difficult game.

Prince of Tennis might have more flaws than good point (at least in my opinion), but despite that I still enjoyed it and I will still tell people to watch it.

Did you watch the series? What do you think of it?
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