Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori vol.5

Hello everyone! Hope you are going good today!

After this post, there is only one other post left to reach the conclusion of Inspector Akane Tsunemori, then I will write a overall review where I will talk about thing already mentioned and thing that I left aside.

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime| Inspector Akane Tsunemori vol.3

Hello everyone! Hope you are all going go.

Today I will present you another Psycho-Pass post; now that I read the volume 3 of the manga series Inspector Akane Tsunemori and I can tell you what this volume cover and if there is any change. Fair warning, this post might be the shortest one that I wrote so far and you will see why soon.

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Psycho-Pass Manga vs Anime | Inspector Akane Tsunemori Vol 1

Hello Everyone! Hope you are going good today.

I have complete the manga series of Inspector Akane Tsunemori a few months ago, however I still haven’t read them yet, I wanted to wait to have the time to watch the anime from which the manga is adapted at the same times and see the difference between the two.

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[OWLS Tour] When the Technology Takes the Control Over Our Life

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another OWLS tour

For people who are new let me explain what OWLS is.

OWLS stand for Otaku Warrior for Liberty and self-respect, we are a group of blogger and vlogger who promotes the acceptance of everyone regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and disabilities. Each month we are given a topic and we the help of the pop-culture we explore it.

Now that you all know what is OWLS, it is time to introduce to you this month prompt

“For this month’s topic, we will be discussing how technology impacts our relationships with others and how it improves our lives (such as in communication, education, and etc.) by exploring the technology used in various anime and pop culture worlds.”

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Wet Dream Wednesday | Top 20 Megane

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another list full of cuties.

In today’s post, I will updated the Top Megane list. My previous list was only a Top 10, you can find the list here. Continue reading

Wet Dream Wednesday | Hot Daddy

Hello Everyone!
It’s me Mel!

It’s now time to share with you another hot list of attractive characters, at least attractive for me.

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Mel’s Hot Top | Top 20 Male Characters – 2018

Hi everyone!!
Hope you are all going well!

While I was making the directory page for the different top I made so far on my blog, I gave a look to my top 10 of favorite anime male character and I realize it needed to be update, so this is what you gonna have today, but instead of giving you only 10 hotties, I will give you 20…you don’t have to thanks me.

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Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 14 Day 27

Hi everyone!
It’s friday and you know what this mean right?
It is time for Arthis and me to share with you some of your favorite character.

This week on my blog we will present you main male character for a series and this mean that we have a lot of option…like A LOT of option, however my mind was already set on one particular character.

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