Get to Know Me Kpop – Shinhwa

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing good in the Friday.
Today’s post will be the first post of the Get to Know Me – Kpop Edition series and the group that I decided to start with is one of my favorite group. Shinhwa.

Favorite Member


JunJin wasn’t always my favorite member, I think it was Eric at first but after watching a lot of varieties show and being bombarded by JunJin pictures he just started to really like him more than the other.

Best Voice

Shin Hyesung

I love warm and husky Hyesung’s voice. The group as three signers and from the three Hyesung is definitely my favorite of the three.

Favorite Song

Destiny of Love

the first time I listened to it I cried, that song was written with their fan in head, it was released right before the group cause on hiatus cause they about to enlist more the mandatory military service.

Favorite Dance Routine.

This Love

If there is one group that could pull off the Vogue dance style it’s ShinHwa, some other group tried to cover the song and the dance and I have to say that it wasn’t as perfect as the original.

Favorite Music Video


I’m a sucker for music video that look like a mini k-drama and this is what Angel is. OK the acting is not on point execpt maybe for Actor Mun, but I still love the idea of split personality.

As I said ShinHwa is one of my favorite group, while some of their older song didn’t aged well, most of their newest material are worth to give it a listen. If you want to know more about the group, you can read this post here.

Did you know the group before visiting by blog ? If yes let me know in the comment below !!

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