Necessary, Unnecessary Anime Death

Before going ahead with my usual greeting, I need to tell you one thing about this post. It’s gonna be filled with spoilers. I can’t even tell you about which series the post cover since it gonna give it away.

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Animanga Festival Day 10

Hello Everyone!

It’s me Mel

Hope you are all doing go today.

As you should already know, the super awesome Auri-Chan is holding the Animanga Festival all through the month of October to celebrate her two years anniversary blog. The festival has a lot of different activities and one of them are prompt day blog post and this is what you have today.

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A Western Inspiration

Inspiration, we can find it everywhere, it can be a movie we saw that gave us story idea or a book we read that push us to write a post about it, we take this inspiration, turn it into an idea and then create something with this idea. A lot of creator created their series that are inspired by other fictional story. Sometimes Inspiration and Adaptation walk the same path.

In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite anime or manga series that were inspired or are adaptation by western fictional work

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Why Do I Love Anime, It Is Really Simple

Simple reason right

Hello everyone!
It’s me Mel!!
Hope you are all having a great Thursday.

I saw the tag going around and it made me thought about my own personal experience regarding anime in case I eventually get tagged to do it. While I’m still unsure of my answer, I did got tagged by the wonderful BliblioNyan. If you don’t know them, make sure you visit their blog, you will find a lot of cool and helpful stuff on it.

Like all tag, the “Why I Love Anime” tag also come with a set of rules


  • Write a post about anime, naming your favorite thing(s) about it. Be as personal or impersonal as you’d like to be; maybe write about how it helped you through a tough time, or taught you something, or just how much fun you’ve had with it.
  • Nominate 3 bloggers for the challenge.
  • Link back to the original post: Ty-Chama’s Why I Love Anime Challenge.

Like I said in the intro, while I really thought about it, I cannot really found an answer about why I love anime (or cartoon and animated movie in general) I just love it and I would probably still think about my answer while writing the post.

I think one of the reason why I like anime it’s because it help me to stay sane. With the help of anime I just forget my daily life. I often stop and thinking about a certain character from a series I’m watching (currently Haiji from Run with the Wind and Bakugo have most of my attention and you all know my love for pretty boy). It did helped me to get through my grandmother’s death, I binge-watched Hetalia at that time cause I needed something light that would make me laugh. And it kinda work to get through it.

Another reason why I like anime it’s because it’s timeless.No matter how old a series can be, I always enjoy each rewatch with the same enjoyment than the first time.
I’m am born in the 80’ and the 1st anime I watched was from this era. I watched the Mysterious Cities of Gold more time than I can count on my finger and each time I laugh with the kids and Pedro and Sancho antics. I watch with the same wonder the city of gold. I was the same later when I rewatched Card Captor Sakura (more like finish since the French channel on which it was airing never complete it)

I will tell you one last reason why I love anime, it’s community.
Since I wanted to share my love for anime and manga with others, I made this blog and through this blog I meet amazing people and follow ani-blogger, one of them even become my best friend from the other side of the continent. We might live in different time zone, but I talk with her every single day.
I might not talk we every of them often, however I always enjoy each of our interactions.

Anime makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me feel things.
Anime makes me nostalgic and cause of this medium, I meet wonderful people and this is the reason why I love it.
As I grow older (but not necessarily wiser) I never thought once about when I will stop watching anime. I always see it as an inherent part of my life.

Now that I told you why I love anime, it’s is time for me to tag three other bloggers

It’s now their turn to tell us why they still love anime.

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Hiyori Toono: Solitary Misunderstood Polar Bear

Free! is categorize as a sport anime, it is one of the few that can balance well the Slice of Life genre with the Sport genre. Free! is a slice of life with drama using sport as support, swimming races are often used as trigger to start or finalize a character development. It might be categorized as a sport anime, but drama is worthy of any Slice of Life and became a trademark of this series. Each season as its share of dramatic moments, angst, fight between childhood friend. Free! take the big piece of the cake when it come to lack of communication, miscommunication and misunderstanding. If there is none of that, it cannot be a Free! series.

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Megane Day 2018, Announcement

Megane Day…yup that is something real

In Japan, the 1st of October is Megane Day (of course it’s not an official holiday) and last year I decide to celebrate it and I will do it once again this year.

To if you want to join the celebration, it’s easy

1st, change your Twitter icon for a megane (can be boy or girl I don’t care as long as he or she wear glasses)
2nd, write a post about megane, you can write about a megane character, list your favorite megane anything as long as it’s about a beautiful creature wearing glasses.
3rd, Spread the Word!

See not asking too much…

If you decide to participate and write a post for October 1st, link back to this post, this way I will be able to track it down and then make a beautiful round up post!!

I really hope a lot of you participate to celebrate this day in honor of those magnificent creature

~ Thank you for Reading ~

Your Ship, My Ship, Our Ship

Shipping, shipping is almost inherent to every fandom and you can find paring in any form of media. Book, TV series, movies characters are shipped together, member of a same group are paired to form a couple. The only thing that can stop a ship to exist is the imagination of the fans.

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