Mel is Watching | Summer 2018, week 8


Hello everyone!
It’s me Mel!

After two weeks of break, Mel is Watching is back with the 8th week of Summer, I did watch seasonal show when I was away, but I wouldn’t have be able to write the post that goes with it.

But now I’m back home and I have some catch up to do, but before let take a look at the watch list

  • Angel of Death
  • Attack on Titan, Season 3
  • Black Clover
  • Cells at Work!
  • Free! Dive to the Future
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3


Angel of Death
Episode 8 – Yeah, I’m a Monster

Angel of Death, episode 8
©J.C staff

This title applies to both Rachel and Zack for sure but I will not talk about the actual episode here, but more about the impression I got from the episode. Somehow I feel like the building is like the purgatory and people on each floor are judging the death to decide if there are going to heaven or hell (kind of Death Parade). I had that feeling after noticing the hanged young girl in the opening, I don’t know why but I feel like it’s Rachel.. I could also be wrong…

Attack on Titan, Season 3
Episode 42 – Reply

Attack on Titan Season 3, Episode 42
©W.I.T Studio

Since I know a little bit about how Erwin really die, I knew he wouldn’t die, I knew it but I was still worried about what will happen. I couldn’t stop clapping when Pyxis called the present King a fraud and even more when the said king woke up asking if it was time to eat. Now the scout are almost clear, they just have to save Eren from being eaten.
As much as like all the fight against the titan and as much as this season give me major headache, I still love all the political mess that is going on.

Black Clover
Episode 46 – Awakening

Black Clover, episode 46
©Studio Pierrot

The fight against Vetto…Vatto…Votto…whatever continue, the guy is as powerful as ugly, but Noelle is there and finally show what she is really able to do now that she can control her magic ( I can wait to see her kick her sibling ass) but it’s not enough to get rid of the beast boy who have now a third eyes in the middle of the forehead that seem to make him even more powerful than ugly. Asta woke up od his forced nap and save Noelle just in time, but little boy is even more piss and I curious to see how this will go.

Cells At Work!
Episode 8 – Blood Circulation

Cells at Work! episode 8
© David Production

Today in John/Jane Doe body we follow our airhead Red Cell around delivery CO2 and oxygen while trying to not get lost. Our little Red Cell is really determined to do all he work by herself without relying on anyone.
Of course White Cell get worried a little and decide to follow her around just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Free! Dive to the Future
Episode 7 – Solitary Medley

Free! Dive to the future episode 7
©Kyoto Animation

I could tell you how much Hiyori is a beautiful asshole, I could also tell you that I understand why Hiyori act the way he act (not approve tho) but I rather tell you that I’m really impressed about Haru determination. The megane jerk said to Haru that everyone who swam with him ends up getting hurt (feeling), but what that idiot fail to see is that Haru can also give strength to go forward and I feel like that’s what he gonna see in the next episodes. I’m really looking forward that race since from the preview Ikuya show a genuine smile in it. Don’t know if it’s from his race against Haru but saying him smiling like that makes me happy.

My Hero Academia, Season 3
Episode 58 – Special Episode

My Hero Academia Season 3, episode 58

This episode was an original none of this happen in the manga, but I really don’t care since it doesn’t remove from the canon story. That being said, the episode is more like an introduction to the movie than anything else, even if it’s related to their class.
While was a filler episode, i still pretty enjoyed it, seeing some student of the Class 1-A working together is always interesting, even more when Kacchan shown that he probably know Deku more than anyone else, by one look he knew he had thought of something.


There is few week left for most of the show I’m watching this season, which mean I already start looking for the next one. I did saw some title what seems interesting, but I’m not settle on anything other than Sword Art Online.

Now it’s your turn to talk about what you think of the show above? Do you watch it? Did you like this week episode ?
Let me know in the comment section below!
You can also share we us your thought about the upcoming show of the fall season!

~ Thank you for Reading ~


Mel is Watching | Summer Week 1

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to the first week of the Summer Season 2018.
I know I’m still not sure of the final watch list, but I can still tell you about what I’m sure I will watch even if it didn’t start right.

Continuing from the previous season(s)

  • Black Clover
  • My Hero Academia, Season 3

I will also add Darling in the Franxx since it’s the last episode

New Show

  • Free! Dive to the Future (premiere on the 12th of July)
  • Attack on Titan, Season 3 (premiere on the 8th of July)

This list might become longer, there is some show I want to give a look, but as for now this is what I will watch for the Summer Season 2018

Black Clover
Episode 39 – Three-Leaf Salute

©Studio Pierrot

Now we know the identity of the traitor and we know the Three Eyes Midnight Sun ( did I get it right?) goal and Mr Magic Nerd Wizard King want the Black Bull to take care of get head of them, mainly cause what the mana lover group want is magic stone and one of them can be access only with Asta help.
In this episode we learn a bit more about Yami’s past and how he became Magic Knight, he own a lot to the current Wizard King and he will do anything the later tell him and I feel like it’s one of the reason why he took Asta, he saw a little bit of him in him. No one really believed in him until the Wizard King who was Magic Knight at the time take interest in his dark magic.

My Hero Academia

No episode this week, when it will be back we will have a new opening!!

Darling in the Franxx
Episode 24 – Never Let Me go

© A-1 Picture / Trigger

Did it gave me the ending I wanted, I would say yes, I mean with the exception of Hiro and Zero-Two all the kid had their happy ending and all started their own family.

Gonna Give it a Try

The Thousand Musketeers
Episode 1 – The Noble Musketeers

©TMS Entertainment

HIDive tweeted about it and I got curious, this anime is base on a video game, and so far I have a strong Touken Ranbu vibe coming from in, but instead of sword we have firearms. Plus I feel like human, at least some know about them. Other difference with the TR franchise is this seems to have a plot…or maybe it’s only episodic story line, we will see it’s hard to guess with only one episode.
OH and they can unlock special abilities once they figure out what they fight for…

Cell at Work
Episode 1 – Pneumococcus

©David Production

I seriously don’t know where to start my first impression, I guess i will just say that soon as the opening start I knew I would enjoy that episode. I have the strong feeling this gonna be an episodic series, which mean each episode will have a different plot. I don’t expect nothing deep from it, just a lot of hilarious moment.
I feel like we will a munch of stuff, but knowing be I will forget everything except that White Blood Cell is probably Bakugo in disguise.

Angels of Death
Episode 1 – Kill me Please

©J.C Staff

First I really like the general creepy feeling coming from this first episode, this anime is an adaptation from a game (and manga) that I haven’t heard about until today, so I have no clue what to expect, other than I feel like the “sacrifice” have to go from elevator door to elevator door without being kill on the floor.
Looking forward the next episode and see what this show have in reserved.


The first week of the Summer season 2018, presented me two quite interesting show really different from one to the other and I’m both looking forward to watch the next episode.
For the second week, the 3rd season of Attack of Titan and Free! will be added to this list and there is no need to say that I’m really excited about those two.

~ Thank you for Reading ~