100 Babies Challenge: Part 2


Hello Everyone!

It’s me Me!

Welcome back to the 100 Babies Challenge!

If you are interested to read the introduction of this challenge you can read it here and you can find the first part here.

In this part Aurelia got pregnant again with twins again, thanks to the lot trait, the father is Malcolm Langraab, the name Eric and Felicia, no picture for now since they are babies and Sims babies pretty much all look the same, once they will be toddler you will be able to have some picture.

Also manage to get enough satisfaction points to have the Money Tree, just waiting for it to grow and to that little trick to put it into my household inventory (build mode) to be able to get the “fruits” and plant those, in the end I should have six of them.

The first set of twins, Arysa and Bryan age up to Teen and then Young Adult, they are not leaving in the household anymore and I shared them on the gallery, btw my Origin ID is MelinSimsLand.

Teen Arysa

Teen Bryan

Young Adult Arysa

Young Adult Bryan

I did some modification the the house, I was wondering if I should put the toddler or the teen in the dungeon basement, decide to but the teen, for now it’s pretty boring, but soon as I have more money I will make the teen a nifty appartement with their own door.

Regarding the second set of twins, Camilla and Damien, they are both to be ready to age-up.

Now some little tip for those of you who want to try the challenge.

The easiest value trait to get is responsibility, so always make sure Child and Teen do their homework and the extra credit. You can also buy school projects from the build mode catalogue. Taking out the trash also helps with the responsibility. The only thing I needed to do with Arysa and Bryan was to get them to Grade A in high school because they had their Responsible value trait before even being teen. If you are lucky the toddler will be ready to age-up to Child on a Friday, so you will have all week-end to work on the Value Trait and give them skill level for them to raise their grade quickly.

Another thing, if you can find a lot near a fishing spot it will help you to get money. Child can’t do much, but they can fish, which means they can bring more money to the household since you can sell everything they found.

As for the Teen, I will strongly suggest you to make them work their painting skill.Here why, to be able to get a grade A in High School, they need to have any skill level 3, painting is one of the skills, plus you can sell their painting for more money.

The dungeon

As you can see on the picture their room is a bed, night table, a desk, easel and a radio. Since they don’t have the creative trait they don’t get fun from painting, but when everything goes right, they can listen to the music while painting, which will raise their fun up.

This is all for the part 2

~ Thank you for Reading ~