Mel’s Hot Top | Top 20 Male Characters – 2018

Hi everyone!!
Hope you are all going well!

While I was making the directory page for the different top I made so far on my blog, I gave a look to my top 10 of favorite anime male character and I realize it needed to be update, so this is what you gonna have today, but instead of giving you only 10 hotties, I will give you 20…you don’t have to thanks me.

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[Doujinshi] Love me do

Series: My Hero Academia
Pairing: Todoroki x Midoriya
Genre: Shounen-ai
Circle/Author: Chacha

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Mel’s Harem 2017 Edition

It’s not secret for anyone (at least I think) I love my cute anime boy, I don’t necessarily watch a series for its males cast, but when there is a few handsome male characters, my eyes are pleased.
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Tag Game- Five Flaming Hotties

I don’t know why but Irina (I drink and watch anime) thought it might be fun to tag me….I really wonder pretty sure it as nothing to do with the fact there is cute guy all over by blog, gonna have to ask her…

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