Wet Dream Wednesday | Top 20 Megane

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back to another list full of cuties.

In today’s post, I will updated the Top Megane list. My previous list was only a Top 10, you can find the list here. Continue reading

Mel’s Hot Top | Top 20 Sport Anime Male Characters

I did the first Top 10 back in January 2016, and since then a lot of new character made their appearance in various series, thus the reason of this new top.

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Megane Day, The Type of Megane

The anime and manga world is really an interesting one, you can found all kind of characters, these different characters can be divide in different categories no matter the purpose of the character in the series, protagonist, antagonist and even the supporting character. This can also be applied to the megane aka the beautiful creature wearing glasses. In this post written especially for the Megane Day (10/01), I will list some kind of megane you can find in anime and manga series.

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25D AMCC – Day Nine: Favorite Male Wearing Glasses

I always found character who are wearing glasses or shade really attractive it give them a little something that I can’t describe.

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