Mel’s Hot Top | Top 20 Male Characters – 2018

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Hope you are all going well!

While I was making the directory page for the different top I made so far on my blog, I gave a look to my top 10 of favorite anime male character and I realize it needed to be update, so this is what you gonna have today, but instead of giving you only 10 hotties, I will give you 20…you don’t have to thanks me.

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The Tale of a Broken Friendship Between a Monkey and a Crow

Back in March, I wrote a post for the “Squad” OWLS tour, the prompt was about friendship and as support for the topic, I decide to go with the anime and manga series, Seraph of the End (Owari no Serafu). I decided focus the post on Guren to show what one can do for their friend(s), even if they shouldn’t be friend with them in first place.

I have to say, I really enjoyed writing this post, not only cause I love the series, but also because of what Guren was ready to do for his friend, in fact, more I was writing the post, more I was liking him and seeing him under a new light (I still have trouble to fully trust him tho)

I was almost done with the post when I thought of and other series I could have used for the March tour. The series I was thinking about, portrayed a really different kind of friendship than seen in Seraph of the End.

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Top 5 Orange-Haired (or close too) Anime and Manga Male Characters

As I said in at the end of the last week Top list, this week I decide to feature Orange-Haired but also those boys whom have hair color that look like orange but it is not (They say chestnut/hazelnut brown I say orange), only cause I quickly realize that I didn’t watch a lot of anime featuring male character with orange hairs.

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Top 10 Super Power Anime Male Character

This list was a bit easier to put together than the Top 10 Supernatural Anime Male Character, but still when I pick the character I came to think I should watch more from the genre.
Once again, this list is based on anime/manga tagged as “Super Power” by My Anime List, of course some could fit in other tag.

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25D AMCC – Day Thirteen: Anime Male with Brown Hair

Brown is an other common color for hair, brown hair character doesn’t stand of the crowd cause of their hair color, but because of their personality, yet I can’t picture the character I pick with another hair color than brown.

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Anime Crush: Misaki Yata

**Attention May Contain Spoiler**

Misaki Yata is a fictional character from the anime series K-Project, or simply K, he is the vanguard of the Red Clan, Homra. His best friend use to be Saruhiko Fushimi until the later defected and chose to go with the Blue Clan. Despite their constant fight, they still seems care about each other.

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