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Welcome back to this new edition of K-Friday.

In today’s post, I will share with you all the new released that caught my attention during the second part of January

New Artist (Debut)

Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet is a mega girl group (ten members) sign under FNC Entertainment, they released their debut single Let’s Play Cherry Bullet and the lead single “Q&A” on the 21st. I not a fan of girl group, I can count on hand end the girl group that I really like and look forward their comeback, so I wasn’t sure about Cherry Bullet, even more after seeing some of the music video visual. While I’m still unsure about their future as a big girl group, I have to say that I enjoyed their debut song. The music video was really playful and the melody in really fun.



I vaguely debuting Astro debut in 2016, but I was coming back to the anime world and I wasn’t more interested than that into following a new group. I hear some good thing about them and when I saw them on Immortal Song, I thought I could give a try to their new released.

The group came back on the 16th of January with their studio album, All Light and their lead single “All Night”. I didn’t had any expectation about this release and in the end I was quite pleased by what I saw and hear, by the second chorus, I was already humming the song.


I don’t remember when and how I came across them, so I will blame that on Asian Junkie owner who is a big fan of them. The girl really left a good impression on me the first time I listen to their song. While I’m not actively following them, I’m always curious about listening to their new materials since they are different from the other girl group. I really wish they were more popular. The group have a distinctive sound. On the 16th, the group released their 2nd fan song “Over the Sky” and I have to say this song will fit perfectly as an anime opening.


Before looking into the new released of January, I didn’t who Punch was, to be honest when I saw the name, I was expecting a boy group but nope it’s a female soloist with a soothing voice.

The singer who debut in 2014, released her first mini-album, Dream of You, on the 16th with the lead title “Heart”.

That MV almost made me cry, it was truly a beautiful mv, the visual and the story was just perfect.

Bang YongGuk

Bang YongGuk was once the leader of B.A.P, he didn’t renew his contract and now he is a solo artist, and now that he is solo he let out his whole creativity.

He drop a new single “Hikikomori” on the 20th. I can’t even find the word to tell you how great is this song, so I will let you read the translation here.

Hwang Chiyeul

It’s not the first time I talk about him, he is my favorite solo act and my current celebrity crush (yes I can have crush on real people sometimes). He is a great singer, really handsome and funny. Hwang Chiyeul released his first full-length album, Four Season, on the 21st with the lead title “A Walk to Goodbye”.

Junho (2PM)

It’s been a while I haven’t hear about 2PM as a group so I was happy to see Junho releasing his second studio album simply title Two with “Flashlight” as lead title. I would have been even more happy if JYP would have care to promote the song with a music video, I know Junho would have been fantastic in that music video, but nope so you have the audio only and now you have to imagine him dancing on it (or you can still look for fancam)


After the departure of Baro (who I will not miss) and Jiyoung (the talented leader) I was wondering how the group will do, but hearing this song give me hope. This is like a gift from the group to their fan before CNU enlist for his mandatory military service.

The digital single “A Day of Love” was released on the 26th.


This was the second half of January, along the one mentioned above, there is some more released worth to give a listen, Tiffany Young (Former Girls’ Generation member released a digital single, “Born Again“, on the 24th. On the same date SG Wannabe member, Lee Seokhoon released “You Don’t Love Me as digital single, same for Yang Yoseob from HIGHLIGHT, who released “With You

Is there any released that caught are attention during January? Let me know in the comment below.

Oh and I have a question, to you prefer having the Hangul writing for the along with the romanization artist name and album/song title? or you don’t really.  Let me know in the comment section below.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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