Tatara Totsuka is a fictional character of the K anime and manga series. He was one of the first clansmen of the Homra, Red Clan, after Mikoto has presented as the Red King. Although he is already death when the anime series beginning, we can still feel is importance.

As I said in the introduction, Totsuka is death when the anime series begins, so how the he manga to become one of my anime/manga crush. The reason is quite simple: K-Memory of Red. Yes we can feel Tatara importance in the series, it’s his death that lead to the event of the 1st K season after all

Despite being one of the top member of Homra, the most violent clan, he was considered as the weakest, he probably enjoyed doing fire butterfly more than burn people. He was a pacifist.

In the manga, he always find the right word to say to appease the people around them. He was really charismatic and people then to open up to him easily. He also had countless hobbies, when he wasn’t taking care of bonsai, he was making udon, however the one hobbies he never put aside was filming.

3 thoughts on “Anime Crush: Tatara Totsuka 

  1. For an already dead character when the anime begins, you definitely feel his influence and impact. I always wanted to spend more time with him because he was really interesting in the glimpses we got of him.

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