Infinite is my favorite boy group after Shinhwa, I just love those kid so much, so far their music never disappointed me even if sometimes I tend to prefer other track of their album over the lead title. One thing is sure I’m always looking forward their comeback.

Infinite debuted in 2010 as a seven-member boy group – Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong – sign under Woollim Entertainment.Late 2017 it was announced one of the member (Hoya) would leave the group which make now Infinite a six-member group. They debut with the track “Come Back Again” that can be found on the first mini-album of the group First Invasion along with the second promotional song “She’s Back” released in June 2010

“Come Back Again”

“She’s Back”

In January 2011 the group made their comeback with their second mini-album Evolution and the lead title “BTD (Before The Dawn), then in March of the same year they release their single Inspirit which include the song “Nothing’s Over”. In July the group release their first studio album Over the Top and the lead title “Be Mine”, the album repackage was release in September with the new track “Paradise”

“BTD (Before the Dawn)”

“Nothing’s Over”

“Be Mine”


During the followings years, Infinite released four more mini-album – Infinitize (2012), New Challenge (2013), Reality (2015), Infinite Only (2016), two studio album – Season 2 (2014) plus the repackage Be Back and Top Speed (2017), and an other single, Destiny (2013)

“The Chaser” (Infinitize)

“Man in Love” (New Challenge)

“Bad” (Reality)

* There is a 360 degree version on this music video that I highly suggest, of course watch it on your smart phone for a better experience*
“The Eye” (Infinite Only)

“Last Romeo” (Season 2)

“Back” (Be Back)

“Tell Me” (Top Speed)

“Destiny” (Destiny)

Along with the group activities two member, Sungkyu and Woohyun, also have solo album. Sungkyu release in 2012 his first mini-album Another Me with “60 sec” as lead title, this album also include my favorite solo track from him “I Need You”, then in 2015 27 with “The Answer” and “Kontrol” as lead single.

“I Need You” (Another Me)

*extra video, not long before performing the song on stage one of this friend and member of the band that accompanied him committed suicide, this is probably my favorite video of this song, I always have hard time to hold back my tears *

“Kontrol” (27)

Woohyun released his first mini-album Write in 2016. the EP include “Still I Remember” as lead title

“Still I Remember”


I will always have a weak spot for Infinite, the boy are funny and talented, I remember watching their variety shows Mnet Sesame Player and This is Infinite and laughing out loud in my room. Those kid are precious to me and I will always recommend their song to anyone new to the K-Pop world.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time

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