Hi Everyone, this is a very special announcement, I will host the Jon Creator Showcase for the month of April.

Before anything you have to know what is the Jon’s Creator Showcase. This is an event created by our dear Jon Spencer from Jon Spencer Reviews to let content creator to share their post or video, something they want to get into the spotlight. You can read more about the this really cool showcase here

In the beginning , I wasn’t supposed to host this April Showcase, Michel (a.k.a Raistlin) was supposed to host it, but due to unfortunate event he wasn’t able to host it anymore, therefore he asked for someone to host it.
Since this showcase is one of the most awesome thing in the ani-blogging and ani-vlogging community (at least that’s what I think and I’m sure I’m not the only one.) and I didn’t want to see the April Showcase to be skipped, this is why I contacted Michel and told him I was willing to host the April showcase.


So here we are, this is why I’m hosting the April showcase.

April’s Showcase Information

  • The Submission are open from the 2nd of April to the 23 of April
  • All creative media are accepted, blog post, video and podcast as long as it’s was produced in March
  • You can either submit it through Twitter or email me (melinanimeland@gmail.com) | note if you decide to share on Twitter, make you to add the hashtag #joncreatorshowcase
  • Lastly share the word!!


I’m looking forward all your submission !!

See you soon!!

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