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Welcome back to a new edition of Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime, during the past few week we share with you our favorite character with colorful hair like Red, Blue and Purple, today we gonna share with you our favorite white-haired male character.

When I think about white-haired male character, there is not a lot of name that come to my mind and even less name if I’m thinking about only the series that I watched. But even if there is not lot of character I can think of, I still have at least one character for this day.

Luke Harden from Garo: Vanishing Line

Luke is that character with a tragic childhood, tragic event that made him a tad bitter about life, made him way to serious for his own good, made him forget human can have their good side that not all of them are sinful creature ready to sell their soul to the first Horror encounter just for the sake to be more powerful.

Luke come from Makai family, his father was a talented and powerful Makai Knight, he was the Silver Knight. His mother was a strong Makai Alchemist, strong and independent ready to sacrifice a lot for the security of her son. Luke’s father wanted to become stronger, in order to do what he decide that he have to get rid of everything that was holding him back, his family. He killed his wife and was ready to kill his son, in the end the Silver Knight became one of those creature he was fighting, a Horror. Those event made Luke who he is, cold and distant, doing what he could to not get hurt again.

Luke is the silent type character, the character that you doesn’t really know what he is thinking, the one that act alone. Despite is anti-social, his dark view on the world, I was still fawning over him each time he appeared on the screen. His long pure white hair, his black trench coat, his way of fighting, everything about him made me liked him. But I came to like him even more after his transformation later on in the series. During a fight with a Horror, his hair was cut and slowly this cold personality of his vanished, but not completely just enough to make him a little more approachable.

Now gonna let the place to Arthis and his pick for this day, I have the feeling it’s gonna be a really good choice, knowing is love for white-haired hot creature.


Arooo everyone! So, today is my day right? I mean, we all know that I have a thing for white-haired guys! I mean, if you have been following this series you probably already saw some of them! Well, when it comes to the hair color day itself you may guess that I’ve used most of my arsenal, well guess again! I have a lot more to bring to you! For today, I went with:

Ginko from Mushishi

ginko mushishi 1.jpg

Ok, so I’m deviating a little bit from the guys I’ve been picking so far. Ginko is a way more mature guy than my average Anime crush and that can be seen in his appearance. Although not as “fresh” as the previous boys I picked there is just a cool aura around him, especially when he is smoking his cigarette which has the power to keep away mushi.

ginko smoking.gif

Regarding the rest of his appearance, well he has white hair which is a huge plus, but he also has the body type I love. You already know it! Athletic, but not too much! I also love his face which gives you the impression of mysterious and kind at the same time.

ginko cool.gif

When it comes to his personality, well… He is a really kind person who is in a non-stop travel to help people in distress due to mushi. With having the power to see mushi he ends up attracting all sort of spirits, another reason he decided to be in constant travel, so he doesn’t end up attracking spirits to the village he is living.

mushishi mushi.gif

However, due to this (and his past that I won’t talk because spoilers) he ends up being conservative when it comes to open up with others and tends to be a little lonely. Nevertheless, even that way he tries to do his best to help others and is really calm and relaxed. However, I can only seem him as boyfriend material if you would love to spend your life traveling. If not, then it would be a problem!

ginko mysterious.jpg

I just love him! Mushishi is one of those Animes that really calms and relaxes you down while watching it!


More this challenge goes, longer my PTW list is becoming… oh well one day if I don’t doe before or just stop being lazy and get up at a decent hours when I don’t work…


This was our pick for the White day (^_~), while waiting for Arthis post with our Silver/Gray-haired cutie, you can vote and tell us which is your favorite white-haired man from the anime world in the comment section below.

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