Hi everyone!!
Welcome back to the Sport Anime Challenge!
Hope you are having fun so far!!

Today I will share with you my favorite friendship in a sport anime, all series have those two characters that share deep bond so I had plenty of choice to pick, however each time I think of a friendship in a sport anime, I always have my pick in mind.

Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru

They are childhood friend, they know each other since elementary school, they always played together and this will never change. Oikawa had the chance to go to the powerhouse that is Shiratorizawa, but he decide to attend to the same school than his best friend. He could have won a lot of tournament, but he decide to stay with his best friend.

Both know each other very well and Iwaizumi know how to deal with Oikawa antics, he know how to keep him in check. He always know where to find him. I always saw Iwaizumi as Oikawa pillar, he is there to support him in his duty of captain, he help him to stay in track and not lose the focus of the match. In counterpart, Oikawa always make sure Iwaizumi look the most incredible spiker on the court. Oikawa know which kind of ball Iwaizumi like (that sound so wrong), not cause he is an incredible setter, but because he know his friend the best.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa bond of friendship is one of the most solid I have witness in a sport anime.

Is there a friendship in a sport anime you really like ?
Let me know in the comment section below!

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