Hello Everyone!
Today is day 26 and I will talk about my favorite technique in a sport anime

For today I had a lot of option I could choose of, each series show us incredible technique, some less believable than others, but still amazing to see.

While I enjoy most of the technique used in Kuroko no Basuke and Prince of Tennis, I decide to go with the one that make me feel like a proud mommy.

Yamaguchi Floating Serve.

I already talk about Yamaguchi in day 13, I said I much I like seeing him evolve and the fact he never gave up even if he wasn’t a first-string. So when he manage to mark point with his floating serve it make me happy. The opposing team didn’t knew what to do against it. It was just wonderful to see.

3 thoughts on “Sport Anime Challenge | Day 26 – Favorite Techinique

  1. It was fantastic watching him learn this move and then his first failure before he finally delivered this perfectly. It was one of the shining moments for him as a character and for the series.

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