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Welcome back to a new edition of K-Friday.

Since last week post was a sad one, I decide to go with something really more light for this week.

If you follow my post on the Korean music, you probably already read in one of those post about a Korean musical/survival variety show called Immortal Song.

In today’s post I will tell you more about it and why I love that show.

Before that I guess I have to explain the show

What is Immortal Song


Immortal Song: Singing the Legend is a South Korean musical/competition variety show produced by KBS and air on the Saturday. Each week the show present 7 solo singer and teams who will sing their own version on a song of the invited legend of this week. The Legend can be famous singer, band, group or composer a live or death, It can also be special episode like family special of 100, 200 or 300 episodes special. Singers or teams compete two by two, a first pair singer get on the stage to go perform against each other and the crowd have to choose the performance they liked the most. The winner stay backstage and another singer or team get on stage and try to beat the previous score. If they win they are the one staying backstage and the previous winner goes back in the waiting room. In the end the winning singer or team get a mic shaped trophy engrave with the name of the legend of the special episode.

The show is hosted by four MC,
The comedian Shin Dongyeop is the one in charge of opening the stage, presenting the legend and randomly picking the singer/team.
Moon HeeJun, Jung JaeHyung and Kim Taewoo are the MC in the waiting room, they are the one in charge to introduce the singer and make thing flow better and dissipate the nervosity the performers might have.

Now that you know what is the show it’s time to tell you why I like it so much.

Making Discovery


I got into K-Music by listening kpop, Super Junior was the group who got me into kpop and through the year I discovered many other solo act and group. However like every country, South Korea doesn’t only have kpop or idol-ish music, it is not the only music played on the radio station, kpop artist are not the only one whom will release new album and watching Immortal Song, made me discover many male a female solo singer and band. Through the show I got to know Hwang Chiyeol who quickly became one of the favorite along Kim Feel, ALi and Ben. It’s also this show you allowed me to see Ulala Session former leader Im YoonTaek before he passed away. The show doesn’t only made me discover new voice with the performance, but it also making me curious about the legend invited, that is how I got to know Boowhal and Shin Haechul.

Seeing Idol Under a New Light

Immortal Song didn’t only allowed me to discover new voice and talent, but it also made me seen different idol under a new light. We usually see idol part of their group, dancing in synch with each other being the heart-throb of the teenager, Immortal song allow them to do something different from what they would do with their group. There is time where they stay close to their style and still deliver amazing performance, but most of the time they give us something new and refresh that they wouldn’t be able to do outside of the show. It was the case from Up 10tion, didn’t thought much of them as an idol group, but I saw them on a different light on the show.



The show offer all kind of performances, dance, rock, trot name it, you will see it on Immortal Song. Of course some are better than other and sometimes I wonder why they didn’t won. Some made me cried like when ALi and Hwang Chiyeol sang their own version from “아버지” (Father) originally sang by Insooni, other made me dance like most of Bada stage. There is time where you have the feeling to watch a movie or a musical, I have to say that I really like those one. I also like being surprised by performance, there is solo act and group that you are never sure of what they would perform since they are real chameleon like Ulala Session and Hong Kyungmin.


These are just some of the reasons why I like watching the show and why I just binge-watch it (plus I found a place where I can watch it not that KBS World Youtube channel stopped uploading the whole show) I just love listening to it as background noise, looking once in a while at what they are talking about ( one day I will be able to understand without looking at the sub but for now…).

Of course since this post this post is about why I like the show, I have to share with you my favorite performance, at least it is what I originally planned, but it’s instead I will share with you my favorite episode and why.

Just to warn you, it’s a full episode so it you decide to watch it you have to know it is around 1h30 long.

My favorite episode is the The One-Year Anniversary of the Late Shin Haechul’s Death special. The show made two special one after a year after his death and one three years after and the 1 year one is the most touching of the two and the one that made me cried the most. In the audience was sitting his wife and two children. Seeing the kids singing along their father song was really touching. My favorite performance of the episode was Hong Kyungmin stage.

This episode introduced me to Shin Haechul and I seriously dug his discography after watching the episode.

Immortal Song is a variety that will forever hold a special place in my heart for all the reason I listed above, even if it keep distracting me of the other thing I should do. You can watch some of the episode on KBS World Youtube channel, if you are interested into watch more recent episode you can found them here.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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