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Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!

Normally I never have great news to share, I mean you should know by know that my life is really boring, but today’s is different.

Yesterday it was a very special days for my little sister, she got engage (yoohoo). She and her boyfriend have been dating for nearly three years and they have been living together for close to a year now, I have to see I’m rally happy for her.

This is not the only new, the other is not so good but it’s not a bad news either. See I have a big project that I want to start and it might take a lot of my time, if I had scheduled a lot of post in February (without counting today’s post I have 22 posts on 28 days), I know March will not even be close of that number and I feel like April might have even less. This is not another hiatus, I will still write blog post from time to time, when I will need to have some change. So don’t worry I’m not going away again, if April and the other months have only one post scheduled, it’s totally normal

Concerning the project, there is only one person who is aware of it (pretty sure most of you can guess who it is), the reason why I don’t talk about it now, it’s mainly cause I want to lay down the base of the project before doing anything else. But you can feel to try to figure what it is, but I will not confirm it (or maybe by DM)


Wish you all a nice week!!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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