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Hello everyone hope you are all going good in this Sunday!

This post a little bit late, I was exceptionally working yesterday so I didn’t had time to work on it. Once again my week pass by slowly and it was even more boring since I couldn’t really work in on of the section I’m taking care of. We are waiting for a new layout that was supposed to come out on Friday, but we still didn’t received it. Hopefully we will get it next week (crossing finger).

Don’t forget to send your nomination for your favorite anime opening and anime ending for the Winter and Spring season, you have until the end of the month to send them. This project cannot work without you ! If I don’t receive any nomination it gonna be hard to carry with this project.

Wish you all to have a great week !!

~ Thank you for Reading ~

3 thoughts on “Mel in Anime Land Diary | Year 2, Week 44

    1. I personally don’t think the time matter. I talking for myself, but I much rather read or write post a week or two after the event just to not get overwhelmed by the feeling.

      I know it’s not the case of our ani-blogger circle but I’m pretty sure some wrote post on the moment just to have click.


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