Hello Everyone!! Hope Everyone is doing well this Friday.
Today I will talk about my impression on the 2nd mini-album of the South Korean pop group 100% (백퍼센트)

백퍼센트 Bang the Bush 2nd mini album cover

Bang the Bush is the second extended play released by 100%, it was released on March 17th in 2014 and the mini album contains six tracks.

Track Listing

1- Heart (intro)
2 – Beat (심장이 뛴다)
3 – You & I (너와 나)
4 – Super Man
5 – Bad Girl
6 – Phone (전화)


Just why? I dream of a day where an album’s intro would set the tone for a whole album instead of just one song and if you don’t bother to put some lyrics just don’t put it, I will not bother to listen to it.

Beat (심장이 뛴다)

This song is the album lead title, it has a similar vibe to the group debut song “Want U Back” you can feel it’s a 100% song but it doesn’t branch out from the other group who debuted the same years. 

There is a nice instrumental progression, which leads to a different tempo when the chorus hits. I really enjoy the rap part, it doesn’t clash with the rest of the song and it really flows well. 

While I really enjoy the song, it’s my favorite from the album, there are some negative points to add. 

One is all that ad-lib shit going on during the bridge…please just no, ad-lib needs to be done with moderation, when there is too much of it, it sounds forced. I’m totally fine with the one that we hear in the last chorus, but I could have done without the one in the bridge. Also I fail to understand that weird synth sound in the background, why is it there? What does it bring to the song? 

One last thing, there are a few random line at the end of the song and…I just don’t know, I had to look up the lyric translation to realize those word where in English and doesn’t really make sense; nothing new here since in general the english part on a k-pop song rarely make sense.

You & I (너와 나)

The best way to describe this song is “Upbeat tooth rooting pop” if sugar had a sound it would sound like that. The song is sugary and really sunny, it reminds me of Summer. You & I really clash in style and Vibe with Beat, it has a more “natural” sound with the soft guitar intro and mellow melody; I enjoy the track as it is, but I would have liked it more if it was fully acoustic. The group tried to make their brand with songs like beat, but to be fully honest with you, You and I suit their style more. 

Super Man

Looking for a song to dance or train on? Super Man is the song, this is the type of song that just wants to make you get up and dance and you realize it right from the beginning. It does start slowly, but soon as the chorus starts that is when the fun begins.  I am normally not a big fan of that sound distortion we heard during the rap part, but in this track it works perfectly. Also really like how the song progres. After having it on loop for the sake of this post, I will admit that I would probably wish Super Man was the title track.

Bad Girl

This track is really similar to the previous one, the only thing is that I would see this one as a lead title, it is good, but not strong enough to be used as a comeback song. It’s a really decent B-side track.  I think the main reason why I wouldn’t see it as a lead title is because of the song…duality? 

The song started off like if it wanted to be a ballad but decided to go against that idea and slap an upbeat tempo on it.

Phone (전화)

This is the ballad of the album, a mini-album without a ballad is not a real mini, if you want to show how good of a singer the members of a group are, the ballad is the way to go. On this track you will only hear the vocal line of the group which consist of  Rockhyun, Hunkjin and Jonghwan. While Hukjin and Jonghwan take care of the verse, Rockhyun sings the chorus and it is a good thing in my opinion, not that the two others are bad signer, but Rockhyun voice suit more that part than the two others; I always felt like he could carry more easily the emotion of a break up ballad type  of song

Overall 100% 2nd mini album is a decent album for a 1st comeback, it follow their debut album in style. It’s not all over the place with a load of different track style, there is some kind of cohesion to it.

This was my impression of the 2nd mini-album of the South-Korean group 100%, if you wonder why I haven’t started by the 1st one is simply because… I don’t own it. I will eventually get to it, but for now I want to concentrate on the album I physically own or the new releases. 

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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