Kuroko no Basuke is probably my favorite sport anime. I do like Haikyuu, Prince of Tennis and more recently Yuri on Ice, but there is something about KnB that I really like more than the other.

Top 3 Favorite Characters

Daiki Aomine

I would like to tell you why I like that basketball idiot, I can’t. Aomine is a total jerk most of the time, until he finally got defeat by Kuroko and Friend. I wanted to punch him more than once, but then when I realize a much he felt alone, I just wanted to pass the through the screen and give him a big hug. Poor lil’ thing.

Taiga Kagami

He is such a precious basket ball idiot that need to be protected. He is too innocent for that world, we don’t deserve him.

Kuroko Tetsuya

Like Kagami is an other basket ball idiot that need to be protected, he is really precious, but not as innocent as his new light.

Best Villain Rival

Seijurou Akashi

The only reason why a choose Emperor Akashi, it’s because I don’t want to get stab with scissor in my sleep.

Rank the Verpal Sword First String

Generation of Miracle + Kagami

Daiki Aomine

Taiga Kagami


Tetsuya Kuroko


Ryouta Kise

Shintarou Midorima

Seijurou Akashi

Atshushi Murasakibara

One Member Per Team (main)

Other than the Verpal Sword Team

Seirin: Kiyoshi Teppei


Touou: Shoichi Imayoshi

Shoutaku: Kazunari Takao

Kaijou: Yukio Kasamatsu

Yosen: Tatsuya Himuro

Rakuzan: Chihiro Mayuzumi

Favorite Match

Seirin VS Rakuzan

Favorite Opening

Hengen Jizai no Magical Star by Granrodeo

Zero by Kenshou Ono

Memories by Granrodeo

Favorite Ending

Catal Rhythm by Oldcodex


Walk by Oldcodex

Fantastic Tune by Kenshou Ono

Lantana by Oldcodex

Bonus Ending Story

I could have add my dream team, even if it’s pretty obvious looking at my choice, my favorite coach and a captain ranking, but I though that was enough info on the series. However if you are curious you can still ask me in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “GtKM: Kuroko no Basuke

    Kuroko No Basket is probably my 2nd favorite behind Haikyuu!! ISo I’m with you on this. There’s just something really great about all the generation of miracles..this is another show I really enjoy rewatching! But I haven’t collected any merch from this series.. Also, I love every single op/ed!! But my all-time favorite ending is the one you posted! 😀 I’m surprised you didn’t put Aomine’s tip-off song. I find that song so cute and hilarious! Aomine and Kise are probably my faves before Kagami and Kurorko.

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  2. Lol gonna edit it and post the song just for you.
    When I was looking at the special ending it was 3am and I was dying on my chair. Trying to not make to much noise to avoid waking-up everyone in the house.


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