It can be a nice golden wheat color or a bright sunny yellow, blond hair character tend to stand out more from the other. Choosing characters for this day was quite hard, each time I though I have taken a final decision, a new character came into the picture, BUT I manage to choose only two character for this day.

But before giving my choice, I have to see if a certain someone took a guess at it.

That’s quite right, I’ll give it to her, since she didn’t know there would be more than one character per day.

Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End

The kid could have had the hair of the color of the rainbow, there is character with, pink, purple and red hair after all, so why such a beautiful blond? Yes a beautiful blond, it’s not too golden, bright or dull, it’s just the right color for someone called Mikaela, name derive from Michael (like the Archangel), plus he have (or had we still don’t know about that) a gene called the Seraph gene, can you have more angelic than that? okay That Mikaela is a vampire but it doesn’t matter, he rock his blond hair.

My second character is

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

That’s an other really nice blond, he is not the only blond guy of the show, goes I could also have gone with Jean Havoc, since both color are quite similar, but I think it fit more Ed. Jean could have had the hair of a different color, even if we are used to see them blond, but not Ed. Not cause of his father (okay maybe a bit) but cause of his golden eyes. Both goes really well together. Yes Alphonse could have been a good choice, but depending of the version, Al eyes color change, but not Ed…

7 thoughts on “25D AMCC- Day Eleven: Anime Male with Blond Hair

  1. Woah, it took a bit of digging but in my reverse viewing of these challenge posts, I found one that didn’t have a character from Koroko on it lol

    I’m not familiar with the first guy, but I can completely cosign on Edward Elric!!


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