Last week I made a list with my ten favorite Pokemon from the 1st Generation I use the most in the video game, this week I will pick from the 2nd Generation, which mean Johto Pokemon

10th Position


Misdreavus is a Ghost Pokemon, its weakness are Dark and Ghost attack and its National Pokedex entry number is 200

9th Position


Dark and Fire Pokemon, Houndoom is weak against Water, Ground, Fighting and Rock attack, its Pokedex entry is #229

8th Position


The little Psychic/Grass Pokemon is a legendary Pokemon, its Pokedex entry is #251 and it is weak against Dark, Bug, Poison, Ice, Flying, Fire, Ghost attack.

7th Position


Entei is an other legendary Pokemon, it is a Fire type Pokemon which mean its weak against Water, Ground and Rock attack. The National Pokedex entry for this Pokemon is #244

6th Position


Espeon is one of the two Eevee evolution from the 2nd Generation, its a Psychic Pokemon and its weakness are Dark, Bug and Ghost attack. Espeon Pokedex entry is number 196

5th Position


Marill is a Water/Fairy Pokemon and is weak against Grass, Poison and Electric Pokemon. The National Pokedex entry is #183

4th Position


Umbreon is the second evolution of Eevee from the 2nd Generation, it’s a Dark type Pokemon and it is weak against, Bug, Fight and Fairy attack. The entry of Umbreon in the National Pokedex is #197

3rd Position


Feraligatr is the final evolution from one of the 3 Pokemon started of the Johto region, Totodile. It’s a Water Pokemon and it is weak against Grass and Electric attack. The National entry Pokedex of this Pokemon is #160

2nd Position


The Flying and Psychic pokemon Lugia is one of the two legendary cover of Johto, it’s entry Pokedex is number 249 and is weak against Dark, Ice, Rock, Electric, Ghost attack

1st Position


The National entry Pokedex of Ampharos is number 181, it’s an Electric type Pokemon which mean it is weak against Ground type attack

This was my top 10 Pokemon of the 2nd Generation, next week I will choose between the 135 Pokemon that is the 3rd Generation.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 2nd Generation Pokemon

  1. Gen II was when I started playing Pokemon, so I have a lot of love for all of the pokemon, but my absolute favorite is Typhlosion!! Cyndaquil was my first ever pokemon so the whole evolutionary line has a special place in my life… so I can’t help but notice the distinct lack of Typhlosion on this list XD But, I must say Feraligatr is a close second!! Great list Mel!

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